Maeve Awaits is run by me - Maeve, a double-jointed, athletically-challenged 24-year old, with a penchant for mugs, candles, and bacon cheeseburgers.

I'm a June bug (though Autumn is my favourite season), an avid traveller (when I have funds), and I was named my school's 'most likely to be a one-woman Friends tribute act'.

I am a work psychologist; it means I study all the stuff that goes on in our workplaces. I also won't shut up about mental health. Sorry, not sorry.

I started this here blog in April 2016, when I was unemployed and struggling with my own mental health. Now it's become my hobby, where I chat about mental health openly...and then I like talking about travel and general life bits too.

Oh and...the blog name is a pun on my real name (thanks Mum).


M x