Christmas has always been, and always will be, my favourite holiday. My family and I always tend to go pretty out there with our celebrating and our traditions, which often start around October and November.

We go to a craft fair in October, a Christmas fair a few weeks later, to watch the Oxford Christmas lights in November, and my dad always gets us an advent calendar from Germany on his annual work trip there.

This year, I started packing in plans months in advance, making sure to keep some of our traditions, but also to see and do new things with family, friends, and of course, Paddy. I love the build up to Christmas as much as - if not more than - the actual day, and fitting in as much celebratory stuff makes me SO happy, I can't even tell you.

So, this is what I'm looking forward to this season...
  1. Drinking all the festive drinks (mainly hot chocolate, let's be honest). Costa, Starbucks, Cafe Nero...I may have already started. Obviously I'm going to have one when they're already out?
  2. Decorating the Christmas tree. I may well be away when our tree goes up this year which I'm gutted about, but being able to come home from work and turn on all the lights always cheers me up, no matter what my day was like.
  3. Christmas markets! I have a mini-break booked to Copenhagen with one of my best friends that I am so EXCITED for, and Paddy and I might go to Manchester to see what's on offer, as we've never been!
  4. Our family Christmas party. When I was little, we'd have a party every year with all the family members we never got to see. Over the last few years it's not happened as we lost a lot of people, but this year we're bringing it back and we're hosting.
  5. BAKING. I'll be making Christmas biscuits and a yule log as per, and as we're hosting a party, we're researching new recipes to try too.
  6. The endless Christmas music everywhere you go. I love it!
  7. Settling down and watching all the Christmas films (again, I've already started)
  8. Going through the Radio Times and working out what TV I'll be watching between now and New Year
  9. Buying and wrapping Christmas presents for my family and friends. It makes me so happy making the effort to make presents look Christmassy (is that sad?) and hopefully finding things for them that they'll love.
  10. Cosying up in the inevitable new pair of Christmas pyjamas that I'll have bought, with a Christmas mug, hopefully also wrapped up in Christmas bedding surrounded by fairy lights and Christmas candles
  11. Walking around Oxford and London and seeing the lights, looking in the festive store windows and hopefully going to some Christmassy themed events!

What about you?

M x