Lights are one big part of what makes a Christmas for me. When I used to travel home on the bus from school, I'd always look out for all the Christmas lights in the villages as soon as December hit. I've always made sure I go to see some Christmas lights every year, whether it's in Oxford, London, or at a Christmas market somewhere else. They just make me so happy, and being the creative person I am, I love to see all the different designs and colour combinations. 

So when I heard the Magical Lantern Festival was coming to London, I immediately texted Paddy and booked us tickets. And last weekend, we travelled all the way over to Chiswick, in west London, to see what they had on offer.

We got the tube to Turnham Green on the District Line, and then walked for over an hour to Chiswick House - we got lost, it doesn't take that long to get there - in the freezing cold before finding the one and only entrance which we'd walked right past at the beginning.

The route around the house and gardens took around an hour, but it was amazing. Having been to Kew and Blenheim last year, I'd say this was the best of the lot. The other two were beautiful, but I think the Lantern Festival was more visually stunning!

There were loads of drink and food options available, both from the cafe and through food trucks on site. Yorkshire pudding wraps, churros, alcoholic hot chocolates...the agony of choice. Eventually we settled on cheesy chips and hot dogs, but I could've eaten any of the food there.

The lanterns covered a range of themes - your typical Christmas characters, Disney, under the sea, flower gardens, and so much more.

I loved the Christmas ones the best as they were the most festive, but it was fun to see characters we recognised along the way (particularly the A Bug's Life lantern set)...

As freezing as it was - to the point where my hands were painful - it was definitely worth the trip! I'm not 100% sure I'd go again unless it was themed differently, but I think it's something you should do once if you can! Apparently they do the same festival up and down the country too, so it's not just a London event that the majority of people can't get to!

M x