It's a family tradition every year to head over to Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire for their annual Christmas fair/event/thing.

Held in November, it gives people a chance to get a head start on their Christmas shopping, with a huge range of independent companies and creators selling everything from decorations, food, jewellery and clothing...and everything in between. I'm not even joking, they have a huge range of stuff.

I love going here every year - the palace is always spruced up for Christmas, there's festive music playing, and it's the first time I really start to get in the mood (even though it's mid-November, so yeah. Sorry not sorry.)!

One of the best parts is always wandering around the grounds - I wouldn't suggest going around everywhere cos the site is huuuuge, and especially not on a rainy day with holes in your shoes - but it definitely feels both autumnal and wintery as the season's a-changing.

Makes for a nice few pictures too.
I bought another mug. This is not uncommon for me but people wish it was.

M x