Seattle is one of my favourite cities in the USA. It's often missed out on the most popular tourist routes, and maybe that's because it's right up in the north-western corner of the States, very near to the border with Canada.

I stayed in Seattle for about 3 nights in total, but wished I'd had more time there. Flying into the city was the first time on my travels that I felt I was home again - it was raining, and there were lots of trees everywhere.

The city has such a laidback, relaxed vibe, even though it runs on coffee. It's probably the city I would choose in the USA that feels most like England, and that's not just because of the weather. I can't put my finger on it, but it's just a casual place where people are so chilled out - I love it!

The views near the city are incredible. I stayed in the suburb of Ballard with some family friends, and the views near their house at Sunset Hill Park really are beautiful. If you're in the area, I recommend checking it out! Also, a HUGE bonus - on a clear day you can see Mt Rainier in the distance. Being that close to the mountains was incredible and it's so beautiful!

I also had the opportunity to check out the University of Washington in Wallingford. American universities are like everything you see on TV shows or movies. They're HUGE. Waaaayyy bigger than UK ones, and they're so pretty! I'm so gutted I didn't look into studying abroad more...

There are some places I really loved in Seattle:

  • Pike Place Market - they have everything there, including the infamous Gum Wall (a wall covered in colourful chewing gum, bit gross but actually looks cool) and some of the best doughnuts I've ever had at Daily Dozen Donuts
  • Seattle Center - a huge area full of attractions as well as the famous Space Needle
  • Bainbridge - a small, cute little town you can get the ferry to at the port. They have loads of little shops, cafes and boutiques - very Instagrammable...and the view of the city from the ferry is incredible

I didn't get a whole load of photos as I was staying with family friends and wasn't there for very long, so this means I'll just have to go back at some point! I also have to thank Seattle for being the place I tried my first 'cold brew' (which I had no idea what it was at the time) and this has since morphed into me having a true love for iced coffee. Which is an expensive habit. So thanks, Seattle (I love you).

M x

Apologies for the awful photo - the only one I've got of the view from Sunset Hill Park and this was back in the day when Instagram wasn't so hi-tech