I underestimated Boston a whole lot. I fell in love with it, which is annoying because it's a whole ocean and more away.

Paddy and I got the Greyhound bus from Port Authority station in New York, up to South Station in Boston which was such an easy journey! It took about 4 hours but there was plenty of aircon, and we had snacks...a pleasant journey really.

We stayed at the HI Hostel on Stuart Street, right near Chinatown, which was a fairly central location. The hostel was really comfortable, they had free breakfasts, and plenty of tours to join onto if you wanted to meet new people or see new places.

There are so many things to do in Boston (we really should've planned for longer):

  • We did the Freedom Trail on our first day - it's basically a guided walk around the city, following about 16 landmarks that are hugely important in USA history, including Boston Common, the Old State House and Faneuil Hall. I recommend doing it even at least just to see the city!
  • We really loved Faneuil Hall in particular - the marketplace is full of great food places as well as loads of shops, bars, you name it. Paddy had, and what is still known to this day as, the best mac and cheese of his life. I have to admit it was pretty good.
  • The waterfront is also a really beautiful area, and you can get boats out to loads of places including Charlestown, Hingham and Logan. It's even just a nice place to go to clear your head and relax.
  • Couldn't resist a chance to pop over to Harvard could we? The campus is beyond beautiful, and the town is adorable. I felt like I was Rory Gilmore! It's a short subway ride to Harvard (the subway stop) and very easy to get to from the centre of Boston. We also found an amazing chocolate shop - L.A. Burdicks Handmade Chocolates - that you HAVE to go to. I dunno why we decided to get hot chocolates given it was hot enough to be wearing shorts, but it was an excellent idea and they were deliiiicious.
  • Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, was very cool. We got the subway over to Yawkey Station and walked. Annoyingly, there were no games on when we were there but just being close to it was cool enough, as I'm from a tiny little suburb in England where we don't have baseball, but we call it rounders instead, and we don't have huge cool stadiums to play it in.
Boston was the place we picked up the car from to start our road trip. We went with Alamo, and got a Dodge Dart, which was very comfortable and worth the extra money (we'd originally gone for a small sized car, which then ended up being like a Smart car. I had a huge backpack & Paddy had a suitcase, so...). So, having got the car, and since we were nearby, we drove down to Cape Cod for an hour or so.

Totally worth it.

It is one of the most beautiful areas I've been to - the houses are so amazing you want to cry, and the beach was white and practically empty (with no trash which is UNHEARD of in England). We couldn't stay for too long as we were driving up to Maine that day, but it was beautiful and I desperately want to go back. It's about an hour or two's drive out of Boston, so pretty doable and worth the time and effort if you've got enough time left on your trip!

Overall, being in Boston was another place I felt I could one day call home. Maybe I'll be back, who knows...

M x