I'm aware the picture doesn't entirely match the theme of this post, but I like cupcakes.

As someone who's been working part-time for a while now, there are certain things I've learnt. It might seem great to only work part of the week, but there are downsides that come with the many ups. SO, if you're thinking about a part-time career or job, this might be useful...

1. Getting up at different times messes with your sleep cycle. I'm up at 6am 3 days a week, and I lie in for an extra hour or two (or three) on the other days. Needless to say, my sleep cycle isn't great. But it's fixable - just make sure you've got a nighttime routine down, and try not to lie in for much longer than you'd normally get up for work.

2. You might wonder what to do with yourself on your non-working days. This isn't the same for everyone; some might have another job, some might volunteer...some might do chores. I'm volunteering and studying at the same time, so I have enough to do right now...but when my degree is over, I need to think about some new stuff!

3. The financial hit isn't convenient. If you've budgeted or have the joy of relying on someone else for part of the money you live on, this isn't so bad. But I admit, I've wished about working full-time because I need the money. Swings and roundabouts.

4. You'll try to be motivated to get up early to do things, but there's a good chance you'll sleep in. Maybe this is just me.

5. You'll have a few times where you'll get up and make a proper breakfast, but again, you'll sleep in. Again, maybe this is just me. 6am starts get me sleepy ok?

6. Motivation is key. Hence, why I do the previous 2 things, because I don't always have a lot when I'm tired.

7. Monday isn't as bad. So that awful Sunday night feeling of dread is halved, because you don't have to work a full week, woooooo

8. Wednesday becomes the new Friday. It depends on which days you work, but if, like me, you only work the first half of the week, Wednesday is pretty much always a good day.

9. You'll wonder how you ever managed full-time work before and how on earth you'll go back to it. I'M JUST SO TIRED ALL THE TIME. But, it means more money in the bank.

M x