Paris is one of my favourite places for food. They just know how to do it there. Whether it's macarons, escargots, creme brulee, steak & frites, or the insane amount of tasty French pastries, France just knows what's up.

There were certain food-related goals I wanted to accomplish whilst in Paris: a) have an amazing hot chocolate b) eat a proper Parisian pain au chocolat or croissant and c) have a hearty dinner with at least one meat item - France does meat very well, and no, that is not a euphemism. I successfully accomplished all of these goals, which makes for a very happy Maeve.

On my most recent trip to Paris, we stopped in a few places for a bite to eat, and these were the 3 I loved in particular.

Le Bouillon Chartier

Known by many as just Chartier, you cannot get a better deal for dinner in Paris. Hands down. This restaurant is famous for its beautiful 1920s decor, its delicious food, and its cheap prices. Honestly, it didn't disappoint. We all opted for the chicken and frites, which were SO. GOOD. My friends even noted that it was the 'quietest dinner in a while' because we were all concentrating on our food so much! We all shared a bottle of white wine, which, for about 12 euros, gave us all about 2-3 big glasses each. For dessert, my friends shared a peach melba and a chocolate fondant, whereas I opted for what they called, a cream puff. It literally was like a huge profiterole, just without the chocolate. Still good though. The chantilly cream they do there is heavenly. The decor of Chartier is one of its highlights. With huge ceilings and mirror-lined walls, as well as luggage racks for your bags, and waiters dressed in full-length aprons, you are transported back to the 1920s, when the restaurant actually opened. It's not been changed at all since, and has become somewhat of a Parisian institution. The place is like something out of an Agatha Christie novel, and I bloody loved it! Highly recommend.

This place is one of the most well-known places in Paris, and I'd still not been. Well not anymore folks! As everyone said, the hot chocolate here is the best hot chocolate you'll ever have. They were not wrong. It really is like drinking melted chocolate, and it is inCREDible. It's not cheap though. It was about 9 euros just for the drink alone, but they do bring you water with it. You need it, it's that rich. Whilst it's not perhaps the best place if you're really budgeting, I'd recommend it as a 'treat yourself' place. The menu has a whole range of food if you want something savoury, or just a small patisserie item. And if you want to stock up on their delights, they have a shop at the front of the store too. Another ticked off the bucket list!

Artisan Boulanger
Situated around the St Germain area, not far from Notre Dame, we came upon this adorable little patisserie. I cannot recommend it more. They had everything - beautiful pastries, desserts, baguettes, sandwiches...even multicoloured flavoured meringues! I opted for a ham and cheese croissant, and a fraisier - a cream-based dessert on a bed of strawberries with fondant icing on top, and then topped with sugar-glazed fruit. Yep. It was amazing. Prices weren't toooo bad if I remember rightly, but certainly less than you'd pay in a cafe. I mean, half the fun was just looking at everything, because come on, doesn't it all look great?

If you've got any other food recommendations for Paris, please let me know in the comments below! I want to go back far more often as it's so close!

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