The G Adventures tour I went on stopped in both Memphis & Nashville. This was actually one of the reasons I chose this tour compared to others along the southern part of the USA. We unfortunately only had about half a day in each place, but I loved both so much!


We stayed at a campsite opposite Graceland and Heartbreak Hotel (more on that in a bit), before heading out to dinner in Beale Street - maybe the most famous street in Memphis. We went to BB King's, a blues bar, where they had live music and dancing. The food was amazing - the chicken tenders are incredible - and our table overlooked the stage and the dancefloor. There was a woman who sang so beautifully and then took a request from a man celebrating his and his wife's 39th wedding anniversary - they danced alone together on the dancefloor and it was so sweet!

We went to Graceland the next morning, where we got to see all of Elvis Presley's old house, as well as his grave and his parents' graves. The famous jungle room rightly deserves all the hype as it's stunning, the guitar collection was HUGE and the amount of awards he won....let's just say there were a lot. Honestly, one of the coolest places, and the house and grounds are beautiful!


We stopped at the Bluebird Cafe on our way into Nashville which fulfilled my dreams as I watch the show and am obsessed. We didn't spend too long there as it was closed, before our guides brought us to the 'best ice cream place in town' - Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. It turns out this is a chain, but my oh my are they good. I recommend the brown butter almond brittle and the sweet cream ice creams - so good!

We then headed to our campsite in Nashville, before going out into the city. Our guides said we could basically do what we wanted for the night, so we explored the main strip - Broadway. There are so many bars and restaurants down here it's so hard to choose! We passed Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville (for you country music fans out there) and some of us did a little souvenir shopping. My friend bought cowboy boots! :)

We met up with the rest of the group at Wildhorse Saloon where everyone was doing line dancing - I was sceptical but it was so much fun! We had a few drinks there and called it a night.

From what I saw of both places, I loved, but I definitely want to go back to do more like the Country Music HOF, Sun Studios, and the Johnny Cash Museum (I like country music), so here's hoping...

M x