July went in a blur. I honestly can't really remember how it was; the start of it feels like it was months ago! I saw a friend I hadn't seen for 2 years since we travelled the USA together, I had a family reunion, I saw more friends I hadn't seen in about a year, I went to a festival, and I spent a much-needed weekend away in the countryside with Paddy. This past month has felt so autumnal (the rain, mostly) and I'm loving it - I want to wear big jumpers and light candles and drink tea! I may or may not be doing some of those already...

This is what I was loving in July:

Bar: Tonight Josephine
I recently discovered this super-Instagrammable bar in London that screams girl power (check out my dedicated post about the place here) and I genuinely love it. Annoyingly, I'm not around enough to take advantage of it, but I'm definitely going back.

Jewellery: Hoop earrings
I've not worn hoops in years. I never thought they suited me, I can never get the backs in, and I never saw any I liked. Until now; I've finally changed my tune and bought a few pairs, and have been living in them. I've specifically been loving both these and these from ASOS.

Podcast: Glamour's Hey, It's Ok
Glamour has been my favourite magazine for years, and it's the only one I buy without fail every single month. It's got such a strong positive message of promoting self-love and confidence to women everywhere. Every single issue has articles empowering women, showing us what we are capable of. It talks about real life, about real issues that can affect us all. And of course, I love that they are so upfront and willing to discuss mental health in print, whereas a lot of other media would shy away. One of my favourite features in the magazine is the 'Hey, It's Ok' page, where the team (+ some readers) come up with situations where it's ok do the 'wrong' thing, e.g. 'Hey, it's ok, if you go to bed earlier on a Friday than any other night of the week. #WildWeekend'. So, to now have that in podcast form is even better! Jo Elvin, the editor, plus a member of the team and a celebrity guest discuss issues from fashion to feminism, politics to phones, and all the everyday situations we're likely to find ourselves in. The Jennifer Saunders and Louise Pentland episodes had me in hysterics. Cannot recommend enough. You can find the podcast on Apple Music or Acast, which is what I use!

Fashion: Pink Suedette Jacket from Primark
Thank you Hannah Gale, for introducing this beauty into my life (even though we may not have the same colour)! If it wasn't for Hannah's instagram, I would've ended up buying the Zara version for £80 and wouldn't have saved myself £55 or so. I love this jacket so so much! It's comfy, not bad quality, and just looks goooood. The only thing that annoys me is that the belt at the bottom keeps sliding around - don't get rid of that tag that keeps it attached folks! (I did, and I've regretted it ever since)

YouTuber: Brogan Tate
It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Brogan Tate, and her recent vlog about her trip to Croatia with MedSailors was amazing! She's so down to earth and real in her videos - no pretense, just 100% Brogan, and it really comes across in her videos. Be sure to check out her weekly vlogs on Monday nights at 6pm if you don't already.

Book: Cafe London - Zena Alkayat

I confess, I've seen books like this around and about for ages, but when I was in Hereford, I finally decided to pick one up. Food + travel + London + photography = happy Maeve. Je ne regrette rien. It's amazing, and so now I have tons of new places I need to check out and can get cool Instagrams.

Blog posts: Brooke, Victoria, Liv, Lauren & Vix
So many posts by so many amazing bloggers this month! I loved World of Wanderlust's '101 Places to Visit Before You Die (Part 1)' - I'm pretty sure Brooke was the first blogger whose work I ever read, and everytime I visit her site, I find a new place to add to the bucket list.

I've recently been reading more and more of InTheFrow's blog too; I really loved her post on 'Why It's Ok To Have a Bad Day'. Not only were the photos beautiful, but her message about mental health not discriminating was spot on, no matter what position you're at in life.

It's become a new habit of mine to read Liv Purvis' Sunday Duvet Reading series, every Sunday morning in bed. It honestly makes me so happy to read - I'm so nosy and want to know what everyone has been loving/liking each week/month, which is part of the reason why I do my monthly favourites! I've found many an article, blog, song or video through her posts, and all of them good, which is why I probably always check out every week's worth!

Lauren Evie is another favourite of mine too. I always read her book reviews and recommendations, and so her latest post 'Prescription Literature: Words For All Ailments' was sat very well with me! She's got a knack for finding all the good reads, and I really loved this innovative post, giving reading suggestions for every mood/situation. Such a clever idea and will be bookmarking for the future!

And last but by no means least, I loved Vix Meldrew's post, 'The Worst Thing About Mental Illness'. She talks about how the people you're surrounded by as you're suffering can help and also hinder you. As a mental illness sufferer myself, I can't agree more with this. When you find the right people, it can seriously help your recovery; but there are so many more people out there who make assumptions about mental illness that are SO. UNHELPFUL. She's hit the nail on the head.

Accessories: Fresh 'n Rebel Headphones in Mint Green

Both Paddy and I have been searching for some headphones for a while now, and given I'm still studying and working part-time, I don't have a ton of money. We came across these in a shop in Hereford, and they were only £30! The sound quality is amazing for the price, they're so comfy, and they fold up nicely so perfect for travelling.

Decor: Postcards

I'm obsessed with collecting little postcards at the mo. Not only do they help with blog photos, but I love having little prints or quotes up on my bedroom wall. These are a selection from Kate Spade New York and Paperchase - who do them so cheap!

Music: Linkin Park
Unfortunately it was the death of Chester Bennington that led me to revisit Linkin Park's music - I've loved them for about 10 years or so, and I always used to listen to them when I felt particularly low and depression hit hard. Chester had a real talent for explaining how mental illness feels through his lyrics; even now they still ring true. Whilst I'm so sad he's gone, what a legacy he's left behind.

M x