Fact: there is nothing better than listening to the rain when you're indoors and tucked up with a duvet. I'm actually enjoying the summer rain, which just proves to me that I'm an Autumn person through and through. Even when I'm on holiday - I can't get enough of it. Is that weird?

Nevertheless, our recent little trip to Herefordshire was perfect. Yes, we had lots of rain. But honestly, it was so cosy. And so needed.

We hired a car (from Europcar, if you're interested - £250 for 4 days) and drove from Oxford to rural Herefordshire. We were housesitting for some family, which meant free accommodation (wahey as this girl is not with lots of money), so it was a cheap little weekend away. We're not going on a 'big' holiday til October as I've still got my Masters to finish (waaaaaaah), so this was a perfect mini getaway over the summer, just for the two of us.

We went from Thursday til Sunday, and it rained all bar the last day in Herefordshire. So naturally, we spent a fair bit of time in coffee shops or pubs or in the car, with me hopping in and out to get photos whilst Paddy faffed around with the playlists.

The whole thing was amazing. It felt so cosy, romantic and autumnal so I was in my element.

We went into Hereford town centre on our first day, did a fair bit of exploring - it's changed a lot since I was last there, and it looks great. There are so many new shops and cafe to visit; one particular was Printer + Tailor that I just loved. I bought a little book about London cafes (hello Instagram) (seriously, I know it's a bit sad or whatever but it makes me happy) and Paddy treated me to a pair of headphones as a late birthday present, as I'd been looking for the perfect pair for a while!

We stopped in a place called the Cozy Club, which apparently is a chain? I'd never heard of it but we really liked it - good food, good prices, good decor, so happy happy. 

Before we went home, we hid inside from the rain and went bowling. We had three games, and I lost them all. Seems I have a knack for getting the bowling ball down the gutter even with the sides up.

There are many a scenic drive around Herefordshire, all of which are beautiful. We drove around so many places - I can't say where as we went nearly everywhere, and there seem to be very few road signs. It was so perfect; as much as I am a city girl, I have country bumpkin roots (and live between both at home) so being out in the middle of nowhere, with no signal and no wifi was actually amazing.

We spent a day in Wales (post on that coming soon) where it rained again, and instead of going out to dinner, we got food from Waitrose and curled up on the sofa eating pizza, flake puddings and watching the Hobbit....and then Paddy fell asleep on me again. 

(I've been with him 5 years now, so it's nothing new)

Our last day had the best weather, so naturally we decided to sleep in and miss the best of it, before catching the last bits of blue sky and sun and heading into the nearby town of Ross-On-Wye. If you've never been/heard of it, it's a little town not too far from Gloucester, that is one of the quaintest British little places I've seen. There are loads of union jack flags, bunting, and tea shops, and we stopped in one called Pots and Pieces for some food before heading home.

Everytime we come to Ross we seem to end up in this little shop/tea room, and for good reason, because they do an excellent scone with jam and clotted cream. Worth a visit.

It was the perfect trip, and now I'm home; tired, but refreshed and my head feels so much clearer. Herefordshire really is an underrated part of the country, and I recommend visiting if you want a weekend away from all the noise!

M x