When we'd come up with the idea of a weekend away, I'd actually suggested Cornwall (as I'd never been and I love being by the sea) - which was too pricey in the end. Whilst we ended up in Herefordshire on our mini-break, we were actually only a stone's throw away from the Welsh border, so Paddy had the idea of crossing over and heading to the coast so we could still go to the seaside.

He worked out that the nearest bit of beach to us was Barry Island, so on the Saturday we drove down for the day. It took about an hour and a half from where we were staying, and in true British summer form, it either rained or was grey most of the day. But it wasn't cold!

For those who've not heard of Barry Island, it's on the outskirts of Cardiff, the capital of Wales. It's probably most famous for being one of the main settings in Gavin and Stacey, which is just one of my favourite TV shows ever.

So of course I was more than happy to pick out the spots I recognised, and we spent a small part of the day bringing up quotes from the show, as we do.

We went for a walk up to Friar's Point, which is to the right of the beach, and is gorgeous. There are views all the way out to Exmoor in Devon, which I totally didn't realise!

Before the rain came, we ducked into O'Shea's (which, for the super fans, is where Nessa and Smithy get chips from in the very last scene in the show when they're with Gavin and Stacey sitting on the ledge) for fish and chips. Because you've got to when you're by the British seaside haven't you? They were gooooood.

After a wander up the beach to visit the huts (they're a rare sight when you live bang in the middle of the country) and lots of photo-taking, Paddy wanted to play mini-golf, which is one of our little traditions.

For all the pitiful bowling I'd done the day before, I redeemed myself at golf, and basically won. We didn't keep score....not really.

Then it really did start chucking it down, so we hid in one of the many arcades and went on the slots, Paddy tried to win me an Olaf toy in the grabber-machine thing, and we basically played Tipping Point for about an hour or so with a ton of 2ps.

We didn't win, but arcade games are so addictive?!

Eventually, it was time to pack up and leave Barry, and head towards home. But we decided to take a detour into Monmouth on the way home, because we'd been before and I just really like it there. It's a pretty quaint little town, and I really like the high street - think independent cafes, country-style shops, etc.

I'd googled what was around beforehand and found a gelato place called Green & Jenks, so that happened. It was pretty much everything I'd want from a gelato shop - range of flavours (not just your standard ones), instagrammable decor...and they were even holding a wine, gin & gelato night that evening, which, had we lived there, I would've gone to.

I went for Kinder Bueno and Biscoff ice cream scoops; Paddy went for Malteasers and Caramel Fudge. SO GOOD - go if you're near!

We had such a lovely day despite the weather, and spent the evening cuddled up eating pizza on the sofa with a couple of ciders. Wales, you did well.

M x