A short and sweet post with this one! As part of my tour with G Adventures, we stopped on Route 66 on the way towards the Grand Canyon. We were in Arizona, had passed the Hoover Dam, and came to a tiny little town called Seligman.

Our tour guides told us about this place called Snowdrop Diner, where we all had some of the best burgers and fries ever - and that's coming from someone obsessed with burgers. My friend Maddy had an Instax camera with her and so we all took a snap there which is still on the wall of this diner today :)

Route 66 is also where they got the inspiration for the Disney/Pixar film Cars. There are a few parked outside the diner which look identical to the ones in the film. As a Disney fan, this was veryyy exciting!

There are actually two versions of Route 66; the older version takes far longer and is now full of ghost towns as hardly anyone goes that way anymore - one of which is actually Seligman! It really is tiny and there isn't a lot to do at all, but the diner is famous for road trippers and practically an institution! The newer route is all on the highways because it's much quicker and each stop has more to do in it. Up to you which route you take!

M x