1. Just because someone is quiet doesn't necessarily mean they're in a mood or they don't want to talk. Sometimes it's because there is simply not enough energy to communicate right now.

2. Asking us if we're 'feeling blue' is like asking someone in a leg cast if they've broken something. Same with telling us to 'get over it'. UNHELPFUL. It's called depression, which is a serious illness, not just the 'blues'.

3. There doesn't need to be a root cause as to why today is a hard day. Sometimes you wake up and it just is. Mental illness is not rational.

4. Just because you've been to therapy/had medication doesn't mean life is suddenly fine again. Please just give us time.

5. Please don't ask so many questions. I know you're trying to help, but more often than not, I won't have answers.

6. There seem to be way higher expectations of recovery for those with mental health issues compared to a lot of (but not all) physical health issues. Just because you can't see any outward sign of it doesn't mean it's gone.

7. Mental illness is not a competition. No one has it 'worse'. We all just experience it differently.

8. Mental illness is the best friend to paranoia. I know I might sound ridiculous, but sounding it all out to someone genuinely helps me see sense sometimes.

9. Self-care is hard because sometimes our illness tells us we don't deserve it, or to feel guilty when doing it.

10. The illness is to blame, not the person.

M x