Yeah, yeah, May sped by....can't believe this year is going so quickly...etc...BUT IT HAS! May was actually not a bad month for yours truly - I started volunteering, made some new friends, went on holiday to a new country, celebrated 5 years with my love, started sorting out why I'm so tired all the time, and finally, danced into the night with my best friend at Common People Festival. Not a bad one really!

So, a round-up of my favourites is due, and I'd get a drink or snack or something as there's a fair few, and if you actually want to read this entire post, you might need something if you're anything like me.

Song: Attention - Charlie Puth

This song is an absolute corker. I'm not even really a huge fun of Charlie Puth (I'll admit, I only know him from that Marvin Gaye song, and tbh, it seems like most people here are the same) but I was bored at work listening to a generically-new-tunes Spotify playlist, and this one stuck out. If you like a tune with a catchy bassline and a bit of funk, you'll enjoy.

TV: Brooklyn Nine Nine & Riverdale

I watched the first season of Brooklyn Nine Nine fairly religiously, but then cba'd with the rest of it. Until now, when Paddy and I realised the whole thing (except season 4) is on the joy that is Netflix. So we've been binge watching it over a couple weeks and it never fails. RECOMMEND.

I'm definitely late to the game with Riverdale, but my best friend Annie recommended it to me and that girl knows me well, cos she got it spot on with this one. If you've not watched it, please do, just for everyone so we can all talk about it more. This show is like Pretty Little Liars meets Smallville, so if you like/watch either of those, you'll love this. P.S. Jughead is foiiiiiineeee

Fashion: New Look Gingham Midi-dress, £24.99

It's not the best photo showing this off, so this is it on the New Look website. I wore this in Greece for the first time, and it was so comfy just to wander around in. I don't own many midi dresses, but this one is making me think twice as they're a bit warmer than the average mini dress/shorts etc, which is always a plus for me. Plus I'm really loving anything gingham at the mo, and I'm no expert, but apparently it's 'in'?

Accessories: River Island sunnies, £7.99 & Accessorize headscarf, £5.99

I spotted the sunnies after watching a Youtube video by Zoe (I think) who put them in a summer haul - my memory is not good, something like that anyways - and fell in love. I'm starting to build up somewhat of a sunglasses collection because I'm only slightly obsessed, and I had to have these as part of it. Only £8 too! I went for the silver version mainly cos I thought it went with more things, but the gold version is just as pretttyyyy too!

After all that fuss I made about a Mykonos wishlist - see here - I only bought about 2/3 things off of it, one of which was the red headscarf from H&M. Well, it was when I was on the way to Gatwick when I realised I'd only bladdy forgotten it hadn't I? So, with a love of a missing headscarf, and the potential to look 'cool' (pfft, it's me) I spotted this khaki version in Accessorize at the airport for about £6 and bought it. It actually came in very handy and it was so windy on holiday, and my hair went everywhere. So money well spent!

Life: Rooftop Film Club & Volunteering

I don't have an image for it, but I've started volunteering with my local Mind and I'm really loving it. I volunteer at a Wellbeing Service in Oxford, which basically means I go to a centre every week, and just chat to people about things and enjoy their company. The wellbeing service is a really great place for people with mental health issues to come and relax and meet people in similar situations to them. It's a safe space where people can just be who they are with zero judgement or expectations.

I'm really enjoying it so far, even if it is a little challenging. Mind have also provided training in mental health awareness, equality & diversity, confidentiality, and then role-specific training, as there are so many roles you can take on. The training sessions have meant I've built up a small group of friends who are all so lovely, and we're making plans to meet up and see each other fairly regularly, which is SO nice. If you're interested in mental health and want to do something positive where you can meet new people, I really can't recommend volunteering with Mind enough!

I'd never been to Rooftop Film Club in London before, but had always wanted to, given I see it splashed out everywhere all over time Time Out London, Facebook, Londonist...etc. I love an open air cinema experience, and since we rarely get them here in the UK, might as well make the most of what's going. Paddy and I went to see Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them at Roof East in Stratford, and it was very very good, if not a little pricey. Tickets were £15 each and Paddy had the thought that by the time we bought those + drinks + food (obviously we would need these), we'd be spending near £50 overall. So, he decided to get the package deal of a 'loveseat' - i.e. a double deckchair - blanket, unlimited popcorn and one free drink for £50 for both of us. It worked out well, given I spilt my popcorn everywhere before the film even started. Go go go!

Food: Domino's Cinnamon Sticks

No picture for this one as I forgot to take one because I was too excited to eat them, but these are HEAVENLY. Honestly, I would have them at my future wedding. I'm pretty sure I had these in Florida about 15 years ago, so naturally, the UK has only just caught up. Tip: make sure you have these with the icing dipping sauce, because it makes it so much better.

Beauty: Rimmel Lasting Finish Makeup Primer, £6.99

I've been on the hunt for a new primer as my Smashbox one had finally run out, and being on a student budget, I wanted something a bit cheaper. Enter, Rimmel. This bad boy is only about £7 in Superdrug, and it does the trick for me! My makeup always wears off on my cheeks and nose by about lunchtime, but it's lasting far longer with this. Will be purchasing again!

Books: This is a Love Story by Jessica Thompson & Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallon

This is a Love Story is one of those books I've had hanging around for the last couple years but I never got round to reading until now. It's about two people who become friends, and essentially, keep missing their chances to be with each other, as they're in love with each other. Pretty simple and straightforward, and I'm sure you can guess what happens in the end. Very much a feel-good read for those days when you just cba with life.

Strictly Between Us was an interesting one. I got it for my birthday last year and took it on holiday with me this year. When I first started reading it, I wasn't 100% sure about it. Reading about a husband's affair goes against the romantic in me, but then the suspense of people finding out about it and all that jazz got me hooked and I finished it very quickly by the time I got home! I'm glad I gave it a go because it really was worth it!

That's all for now, folks!

M x