I'm happy to talk about my own experiences with mental health, and it makes things a lot easier when people are encouraging and positive and understanding about it. It makes me feel a lot better. Even strangers - one moment that sticks out is when my former therapist, in our first session, told me that I was worth looking after. That was a shock to the system, because no one had ever said anything like that to me before - particularly someone who doesn't know me. I mean, why would they?

Being the one supporting someone else with mental illness can be hard too, even when you yourself struggle with it. I know, doesn't that just make all this a zillion times harder?! I do the best that I can from what I've learnt through my own experiences, but sometimes, I feel powerless. We all have our own journeys, our own struggles, our own ways of coping. Nothing is ever exactly the same. I worry that sometimes I'm saying the wrong thing or that what I think might be helpful is actually really irritating and potentially damaging to someone else. I know what it's like to be at your very worst and not know how to get out, so the last thing I want is to add to anyone else feeling like that too. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

But I also know how it feels when someone seems to be tiptoeing around you, because you just wish that they could relax; it can make you feel like you're not 'normal' (whatever that is) and that you need some sort of special treatment because you're different. It highlights that you don't fit in with anyone else.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that either way, it's hard. So if I ever try to reach out to someone, it's truly because I want to help, and that's it. If I've said something wrong/weird/upsetting etc., please tell me. It's not intentional. But please bear in mind that I have feelings too.

This post isn't intended at anyone in particular - it's just something I've noticed I've been feeling recently, and I wonder if anyone else feels similarly?

M x