One of things I didn't know about Mykonos was how close it is to another small island, called Delos.

Delos is an important island in Greek history, with it being the birthplace of two of the Greek gods, Apollo and Artemis. I studied the Greeks wayyyyy back in primary school, so some of this was coming back to me! As you venture round the island, you can see ruins of temples, statues, houses and even a really is incredible how much has lasted over such a long time.

How to get there:
We got a boat from the old port in Mykonos, which cost 20 euros for a return journey. You will need to pay in cash. There is also the option of having a guided tour included in the price, which altogether cost 50 euros. We decided not to go for this option, but to explore the island ourselves. 

Boats to Delos leave at 10am, 11.30am, and 5pm. Boats back to Mykonos leave at 12pm, 1.30pm, 3pm, and 7.30pm.

When you get to Delos itself, and if you haven't already purchased entrance to the archeological site via a tour + ticket option, you will need to pay a 12 euros entrance fee. We were told back in Mykonos that if we wanted to do this, that we would need cash. It was actually possible to use a card, but if you want to buy anything on the island, cash is preferred.

I have to warn - bear in mind the weather when you decide which day to go to Delos. If it's seriously windy on Mykonos, it might be worth leaving it til the sea is that little bit calmer. This is because we had a pretty horrific return journey back, where the waves were so rough that people were ill and they were handing out sick bags. The journey there wasn't great either, but not nearly as bad! The reason why apparently, is because you're sailing into the wind on the way there, and against it on the way back!

Getting around:
Everyone walks on the island, because it really is that small. Apparently only 14 people lived on the island in 2001, it's that tiny!

Maps are available at the entrance to navigate around the archeological site, and we were there for about 4 hours overall, which was plenty of time to walk around both sides, climb the mound and get a drink in the cafe.

Food + drink:
There are two cafes on Delos - one at the entrance right by the port, and one further on the island. We went to the further one - they have a range of sandwiches, crisps, chocolate etc. and drinks you can buy, as well as souvenirs. Prices are fairly expensive, since the island relies on tourism.

There are places to sit, and there are often animals roaming around - cats, mainly - looking for food!

What you must do:
One of the mounds, Mt Kynthos, is a popular hiking route on the island, and you get the most incredible views at the top, over the island itself, and of the sea overlooking Mykonos. Now I'm not the best hiker by any means, but if I can get myself up there, I'm going to say it was a fairly straightforward hike? There are parts that are quite steep, and some parts are rocky and unstable, and we went on a very windy day which wasn't ideal, but we made it to the top and that's what counts!

The hike took us maybe 20-30 minutes, at we were at the top probably for about 15-20 minutes due to some camera issues. Overall, you can do it in about 45 minutes, I'd say.

Again, if it's a super windy day as it was when we went, be careful - while it helped us climb upwards, it made it more unstable at the top and when climbing back down. This is when you need proper shoes, not Converse like me haha!

I really can't recommend going to the island, particularly if you're interested in history, or you fancy something a little more adventurous. The views from the top of Mt. Kynthos made the whole trip worth it for me!

M x

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