Next month, Paddy and I are off on holiday to Mykonos to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and I am in dire need of a revamp in the wardrobe department. So, for as much my need than anyone else's, I've attempted to make a few inspo boards to see what's out there and remind myself of what I've seen - so I don't go spend far more than necessary...!

I'm really loving the romantic look that's available in stores at the mo - lots of pinks and blushes, mesh, flowy style (she says, like I have any expertise on the matter) as well as the trend of embroidery that's just everywhere. As I'm still studying and paying off my fees, I'm on a budget, so I've selected 3 stores - Primark, Matalan and H&M - that have affordable prices (with a couple of treats) and really great items that I've set my eye on!


1. Embroidered skirt £79.99 2. Silver skirt £19.99 3. Pink mules £24.99 4. Silver pleated midi skirt £34.99 5. Floral playsuit £19.99 6. Polka dot slip midi dress £17.99 7. Red patterned headband £4.99 8. Cream embroidered dress £34.99


1. Embroidered pleated shorts £14 2. Embroidered trim shorts £12 3. Tiered denim dress £12 4. Tie-dye shorts £10 5. Tile printed shorts £8 6. Khaki viscose shorts £10 7. Lattice sunglasses £6 8. Burgundy slingback mules £10


1. Mermaid tie-dye headband £2 2. Set of chokers £3 3. Palm tree print shorts £12 4. Embroidered mules £6 5. Tie-dye playsuit £8 6. Leaf print playsuit £8 7. Blush frill sleeved mesh dress £13 8. Grey spotted mesh midi skirt £10 9. Embroidered shorts £8 10. Earring pack £3

I'm SO excited to go away - it's sorely needed at the moment - and I hear Mykonos is beautiful. It's actually my first time going to Greece and I cannot waittttt!

M x

[N.B. This post is not sponsored. All items of clothing and accessories are taken from the retail store's website.]