One of my favourite cities in the whole wide world, Chicago. The home of the utter joy that is deep dish pizza, several sports teams that Paddy and I have now pledged allegiance to, and probably the only other city in the USA (bar New York) that felt like it could one day be called home. I love this place.

The windy city was our final stop on the wonderful American holiday, and we went out with a bang - literally, because we saw the final night of the summer fireworks over Navy Pier whilst we were there, on a boat. (If you're there in the summer, I recommend you do this as it's the best view of them over the city!)

We travelled to Chicago via a Greyhound bus from Toronto, with a stop in Detroit. Do not do this. It is not worth the money! It was a 6 hour journey which then got delayed for another 4 or so hours due to going through customs at the border, plus a delay at the Greyhound depot in Detroit. If you're doing this route, I'd definitely suggest a flight or even a train instead as it'll be MUCH more comfortable.

We stayed in an Airbnb in the New East Side area of the city, which was just a short walk from Millennium Park. It was honestly one of the best views I could've asked for, and it was so close to loads of attractions in the city. I'm not sure exactly how much it was, but it didn't come cheap! We were lucky enough to stay in a condo, which had access to a gym, a rooftop pool, a room with hot tubs and tvs....ahhhh it was amazing!

We visited Millennium Park and saw the Bean - which is a famous piece of sculpture for those who don't know - as well as walking through downtown and going up the John Hancock tower. We decided to go up for drinks, as this meant you could get a view from higher up without having to pay for entry, which you would if you just wanted to take a tour. The drinks were cheaper than a ticket would've been, so it actually worked out better money wise! I'd really recommend this for great views of the city. We also visited the beach while we were there because it was SO hot - how often can you do this in London?! I really loved how close it was but still being in a big city; and there are several beaches! It's a really lovely view over Lake Michigan.

You can't not go to Chicago and not try the pizza. I can't even begin to explain how good it was. We went to a place called Giordanos (they have restaurants dotted around the city) and it was honestly probably the best pizza I've EVER had. Not even kidding. We went back twice, unashamedly. If you're heading to Chicago, GO THERE BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

Something we didn't have time to do but would definitely try to fit in if we ever come back, would be to take an architecture tour of the city. It's really quite amazing when you see all the beautiful buildings everywhere, and we've heard that the tour is worthwhile. You can go by boat as the river runs through the main city, meaning you get a good view everywhere. We also tried to get to see a NFL or a baseball game, but annoyingly the only time a game was on was literally when we were flying home! :( next time!

I fell in love with this city and it was one of the highlights of my entire travelling trip. See for yourself...