Golly gumdrops, how is it nearly May? Seriously? This year is speeeeding by, and I know that's what I/everyone says when they talk about monthly favourites, but I just can't get over it. April has been a fairly emotional month, lots of stress and health related stuff...HOWEVER. It has had lots of positives - I'm starting volunteering with a couple of mental health charities which I am SUPER excited about, I ate near my body weight in food over Easter, and I found a new area of London that I've fallen in love with. And I'm going on holiday soon, wooooohoooo

Here's the best bits of April...

Big Little Lies
This is a fairly new show that I actually finished at the start of April - it's amazing. It's based on the book by Liane Moriarty, but set in Monterey, in California, where a group of mums are part of a community full of rumours, scandal and murder. I've not read the book but now I want to! It's got pretty much an all-star cast, and Reese Witherspoon is particularly amazing. It's even got the guy from Revenge in it which I did not see coming?! Basically the whole show is so addictive, the music is insane (google the soundtrack or find it on Spotify as it's SO good), and now I just want to move to the California coast. Be prepared to want pretty much every house.

I'm hooked on this. The show is based on the book #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso (i.e. Nasty Gal Vintage) and the brilliant Britt Robertston plays Sophia who is all the cool I wish I was but at the same time love to hate because she's pretty mean. The fashion is in-cred-ible, and now I'm seriously thinking about whether or not I want to get a fringe and channel the look that 5-year old me rocked in the 90s. I swear this show is gonna fill up my quote bank because it's packed with one liners that just get me. Watch watch WATCH.

We Were On a Break - Lindsey Kelk
I've not finished this yet, but I'm very much enjoying it. Lindsey Kelk is one of my favourite writers, because I find her books so uplifting and happy, even when things are rubbish. Pretty much the entirety of the 'I Heart' series were my comfort blanket when I was travelling around the States, and you can definitely count on her for a good girly read. So far, this is no exception and I am thoroughly enjoying what's happening, as well as the classic Friends reference in the title. It's about a couple called Liv and Adam who are basically meant to be getting married but EVERYTHING is preventing them because they don't know how each other are feeling and aren't speaking properly. Frustrating but oh so reflective of life, isn't it?

Pretty Little Liars
MY FAVOURITE IS FINALLY BACK! And in about 7-8 weeks now it'll be gone for good! Which is very sad but now that I have Netflix, I can enjoy forever mwahaha. And then when Netflix eventually removes it in years to come, I shall buy the box sets and rewatch it all and work out how A was A the whole time and I just didn't get it the first time round. At this point, I genuinely have no ideas as to who it'll be, but if this fan theory about AD being Aria is true, I will not be happy. #ezriaforever

Little Thoughts Blog
I came across this wonderful blog fairly recently, and it's so bloomin' refreshing to see people talk about mental health in such a welcome, open light. I know there's a growing MH community online, which is amazing and one day I hope to be part of it, but Hannah's blog is so inspiring to read. She runs a Twitter chat called #talkMH and I need to get involved ASAP because it's so nice to be able to speak to people who just get it without a lot of explanation! Anyways, check out her blog at http://www.littlethoughtsblog.com - it's really useful particularly if you don't know a lot about some or all of mental health conditions and want to know more! I really love how honest she is about what she goes through, and as cringe as it might sound, as soon as I started reading, it reminded me of how I'm a little less alone in this.

Creme Egg Brownies
I know everyone and their mothers go on and on and on about these every Easter, but there's a reason why, and that's because they are indescribably good. I made some for my family for the occasion, and even my brother (who doesn't have a massive sweet tooth) enjoyed them, so that was very heartening and happy and they went down an absolute treat, if I do say so myself. I followed the recipe from Good Housekeeping which you can find here if you feel so inclined.

I've clearly spent a lot of time online/watching tv this month huh?

M x