The Grand Canyon. The big one. The humdinger.

One of the reasons I chose the specific tour I went on with +G Adventures was because there were certain places I really wanted to see and experiences I really wanted to do. The Grand Canyon was one of them.

I mean, if you're gonna go all that way for a while, why wouldn't you see it?

When we were on our drive, our tour leaders passed out paper bags on the minibus and said we all had to take one, and could draw whatever we wanted on them. (This is relevant, I promise haha!) We were all really confused but did as they said, and then when we got to Grand Canyon NP and got out of the minibus, we were told to put the bags on our heads and form a conga line, each holding onto the person in front. They led us a short way and then stopped and lined us all up. (Writing this now makes it seem really creepy, but it really wasn't!)

Then they told us to take the bags off our heads, and this is what was right in front of us:

The picture does it no justice at all! Honestly, it was weird at the time but I'm so glad they did that as it really did make it special. You just can't believe you're there and that this is the view. We were right up close to the railing and it was just INCREDIBLE.

And hilarious, as lots of tourists kept shouting to us 'oh man, you have no idea what's in front of you!'

The time that we went happened to be a very cloudy day; my tour leader Nelle said that even though she does this same route very often, she had never ever seen clouds in the Grand Canyon...which made it even more special!

It just felt like we were on top of the world, and honestly, if you have the chance to go, DO IT!

We were there for 2 nights, staying near the south rim of the canyon, and we managed to fit in some hiking in the time. Our leaders advised us only to go down to a place called Ooh Aah Point - because it's a spot where everyone goes 'ooooh' and 'aaaah' cos it's so impressive' - which was about a third/quarter of the way down into the canyon.

Tip: If you don't have proper hiking boots, get some. I attempted to do all our walking - which I was told would be fairly easy (maybe I'm just that unfit) - in Nikes, and let me tell you it was not worth it! I love those trainers, but they gave me blisters that eventually got infected and I had to go to A&E...that's a tale for another time. Moral is, get proper shoes!

Another great reason to go on an organised tour is that they have access to loads of really fun activities that you can do as an extra. An example being a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon. I booked this in advance before I left, and it was quite pricey, but totally worth it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am 100% glad I did it!

The ride lasts about 40 minutes or so, and it takes you over a good chunk of the canyon. When you're up in the air, you can really appreciate how deep it is and you can see everything in much more detail. I was actually quite lucky - as it had been cloudy the day before, visibility was getting worse as the day went on; but because I'd booked in advance, I was given first priority to go on the trip and so got a pretty good view!

It was absolutely one of the highlights of my entire trip, and definitely a bucket list moment. I honestly would go back and maybe see it from a different side this time.

Have you been before?

M x