With all the talk of beginnings and renewing promises and making resolutions, I thought about what I'd like to achieve this year. I don't know how good I am about making New Year's resolutions or completing my goals, but I feel I'm probably more motivated than ever, so I want to take advantage of this time!

A lot of people have spoken about how they don't see the point of waiting until January to change their lives - and I can understand that. But sometimes you need a bit of closure from the end of one year and the beginning of another to refresh, rethink, and set your goals, which is what I've done. Some of my goals are bigger than others, and some don't really have an endpoint. 2016 was good in some ways and bad in others, so I want 2017 to be 'my year' so to speak!

I've thought of 13 goals for the next year (and beyond)...

  1. Work on my fitness
  2. Work on managing my mental health
  3. Take up some new activities
  4. See a sunset in Mykonos
  5. Have a fabulous girls' holiday
  6. Read more
  7. Finish my Masters feeling happy and proud
  8. Treat myself for my birthday
  9. Stop allowing myself to be negative
  10. Learn to cook new recipes
  11. Get another piercing (or two or three)
  12. Finally learn how to do a winged eyeliner as I still can't do it
  13. Continue to never use the word 'bae'...EVER

Some of these I can happily say I've already started working on, and I'm really happy with my start to the year. Keeping everything up will be challenging, but I'm determined to do something different this year!

M x

(all images taken from www.pinterest.com)