Happy New Year! I'm aware this post is halfway through January, but the last couple of weeks have been fairly manic! Here's what I was loving in December...

MAC lipstick in Kinda Sexy

(apologies for the shoddy nail polish I've still not taken off)
I've been wearing this shade nonstop. It's another nude, but slightly lighter and a bit more peachy coloured than your average. I really love it and think it's such a complementary colour - a good alternative to Velvet Teddy!

Tanya Burr Pretty Unstoppable palette

As proven by the state of the inside, I have used this palette well so far - particularly the highlighter and blush. The pigment of both holds well, and they're both really flattering. The highlighter blends really well and is the perfect shade, and the blush is a beautiful peachy pink colour. I've not used the eyeshadows tooooo much yet, but I reckon they'd be good for a smoky eye type look.

Lush Christmas collection

As always, Lush has done well with their festive collections. I'd been picking up bits and pieces from the store before Christmas time - like the Magic of Christmas Wand Bubble Bar - but my brother gave me this bath bomb set which I adore! I've got so many to use now that I've never used before and it's nice to have a little bit of christmas for longer!


I bought Paddy this film on DVD for Christmas, and we watched it a couple days after Boxing Day. We both really enjoyed it - it's the kind of film that will have you gripped and there's a plot twist I didn't see coming! Recommend giving it a watch if you like films with a bit of suspense.

Changed The Way You Kissed Me - Example

I rediscovered this song recently - I loooooved it back when it was released in 2011 (!) and found it again on a Spotify playlist. Still a tune.

Kate Spade 2017 diary

Paddy bought this for me for Christmas - which I was SO happy about as I've wanted this for such a long time! I try to keep a diary or planner every year, and Kate Spade is one of my favourite designers so putting them together = a very happy girl. One thing I really love about this one in particular is that before each month starts, there is a page with 'This is the month to...' and then gives examples like 'say yes' 'make snow angels' etc. It's so cute!