We all have certain things we do with our families or friends or partners each Christmas. For me, there are specific things that I like to make the effort to fit in around Christmas time, as I do them every year and they always bring a smile to my face.

Midnight Mass
First things first, I'm not here to preach or convert! My family has a tradition of going to Midnight Mass every Christmas Eve, and we've been doing so since all of us kids were old enough to make it through without getting sleepy haha! When we were younger, my parents asked us to take a nap in the afternoon so we could stay up late, but it never worked! I really love going; it makes me feel so Christmassy and it's a way of bringing the family together to celebrate. I love singing the Christmas carols and hearing about the nativity too; it reminds me of when I was little and everything was always magical and happy.

Christmas day with Paddy
My boyfriend Paddy and I always make sure to have our own 'Christmas day' - we take a whole day in London to do something special to celebrate the season, just us two. We make sure we book some sort of activity or event, or go out to eat somewhere nice, before coming home and exchanging presents, before we go our separate ways for Christmas with our families. In the past, we've gone up the Shard and visited the Sky Gardens, and this year we're thinking of going to Duck and Waffle before playing crazy golf (it's our thing) and then heading to The Diner for dinner. I'm so excited!

Yule Log on Christmas Eve
My mum and I have a longstanding tradition of making a yule log on Christmas Eve. We always eat this on Christmas Day in the evening, but we make it the day before, usually while festive films are on telly. We've used one recipe more than others in the past but now we can't find it or remember what it is haha! We'll be hunting around for another one this year; you can't have Christmas without a yule log?!

Gran's house on Christmas Day
My gran (and grandad before he passed) live very close to us, so we've always done Christmas Day between the two houses. We always go to her house for the big Christmas lunch with all the trimmings - roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, pigs in blankets, mixed veg, a selection of meat, all the prosecco etc - and then open some presents in her house too, before usually settling down with the afternoon film, possibly the Queen's speech, and with some of the family falling asleep!

Christmas Carols with Harriet
Since I've known one of my best friends, Harriet, we've gone to sing Christmas Carols every single year. At uni, there were carol services every year in the church nearby, but since graduating, we've been to see some in London - last year, in Trafalgar Square. It's always really fun to go together, especially since no one else we know is as keen as we are to go haha! It's a fairly recent tradition but it's one I really enjoy and look forward to.

Christmas activities with Annie
Another recent tradition, my best friend Annie and I bake cookies around this time of year. We bake them at Halloween and at Christmas, and they're essentially shortbread cookies with coloured royal icing, before we decorate them with sprinkles and glitter etc. It's so much fun and they taste amaaazing. We also get matching Christmas decorations and go to Millets Farm in Oxfordshire together, as the garden centre there is always kitted out with Christmas everything from about October time and it is WONDERFUL.

Christmas jumpers and pjs with Annie
Another thing that's new this year that I very much hope Annie and I will continue to do is to get matching Christmas jumpers and/or pyjamas. This year we've got both. We both share a love for Christmas and its themed clothing, and lazing on the couch watching a Christmas film.

Winter Wonderland
There's no set person I regularly go to this with, but I always try to go to Winter Wonderland every year. Located in Hyde Park in London, it's essentially a huge event with rides, markets, SO MUCH FOOD, music, lights...basically an absolute dream. If you've never been, I highly recommend going because it's magical and will get you feeling very festive.

What are your Christmas traditions?

M x