Last weekend, Paddy took me for a surprise day away to Brighton as part of my Christmas present from him. He'd bought me tickets to see one of our favourite singers, Joshua Radin (who I recommend to anyone) in one of my favourite places!

We got the train down from London and I got myself a bagel from the infamous Bagelman store at Brighton Station. I really do understand the hype about this place as it's well priced, tastes good, and there's loads of different flavours and fillings on offer. I went for a standard salmon and cream cheese and it was gooood.

We wandered down North Laine first; everything was so Christmassy and they had all the lights up! It was so lovely and festive, and it felt so cosy! We had a look in a couple of the vintage stores and if I'd had more time and money, I genuinely would've bought quite a few things in them. Then we ventured down into town a bit more, where there were even more beautiful lights, some really similar to those in Carnaby Street in London. It was so magical, and made the place even cosier than I think it already is! We couldn't not stop at the Lanes, especially as we'd heard they're even nicer at Christmas time, and we heard right! There were twinkly lights everywhere, and all the window displays were looking so festive and bright - it's definitely one way to get in the mood!

We then headed over to the concert which was in Kemptown, only down the road from my beloved Pizza Face (who do some of the best pizza I've ever had). It was held in St George's Church, and was quite a small but intimate gig. We've seen Joshua Radin before, and he was amazing, and this time was no different; it says a lot about you as a performer if you can still sing just as well and loud with and without a microphone! I really enjoyed the concert - Paddy did good.

Before we got the train back to London, we made sure to get a garlic pizza bread and pizza from Pizza Face - if it's that close, then why not? - which was increddddiblllleeee. It was such a lovely day and one I'll remember; lots of boyfriend points given!