DC is one of those places you just have to go to when in the States, it being the capital and all. It didn't disappoint. We were only there for about a day in the end, and so I'd recommend at least a full weekend there as there's so much to do - the Lincoln Memorial, The White House, the World War II Memorial, various different museums, Capitol Hill...the list goes on.

The city itself is pretty cool; it's got a fairly chilled vibe and seems to be what I think is quite a nice city to live in (politics aside). It's also a short bus ride/car ride to Arlington Cemetery in Virginia, where many war veterans lie buried, as well as JFK and his family. It's an incredible moving place but worth a visit, particularly to the Grave of the Fallen Soldier.

To get around, there's plenty of options on public transport, or obviously you can walk. My friend and I chose to get on a hop-on-hop-off bus as we had a limited amount of time which wasn't too expensive.

It's a city with a lot of choice, and something for everyone.