As part of the road trip that Paddy and I did whilst I was travelling, we decided that since we were exploring New England, why not head to Canada too? Toronto was one of the places that had been on my list for a good while, having met several people from there and hearing how cool a place it was - and I really really liked it.

A lot of people think it's the capital of Canada (it's not, that's Ottawa), but it's got a big city vibe with plenty to do so you can kind of understand why. There are plenty of things to see and do: from the various museums, ice hockey and baseball games, to the famous CN tower and of course, a day out to see the incredible Niagara Falls.

We explored all over the city; we stayed at the Planet Traveler Hostel near Chinatown, which was very good for the price - modern and clean, plus free breakfasts, computers, TVs, maps, and even events on every night too. From there, we visited the entertainment district, where of course we went up the CN tower! The views were absolutely incredible even if it was a little foggy, and there's a section with a glass floor that looks out over Rogers Centre below - so we happened to see the Toronto Blue Jays play!

Not too far away from there, right by the lakefront near Liberty Village, is the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, where we saw Zac Brown Band play live. I surprised Paddy with these tickets for his birthday as we both love them and had seen them before (they're really good, I recommend checking them out). If you fancy catching a concert while you're there, I really would consider this place if possible - being from the UK, we don't have the weather for amphitheatres really, so being able to sit out on the grass with a few drinks listening to good music was really special and had such a nice atmosphere to it!

We also explored more of downtown Toronto, where I had the BEST Philly Cheesesteak of my life (doesn't add up I know, but it really was amazing), as well as where we saw the Hockey HOF (Paddy is a hockey fan), and also visited St Lawrence Market - full of individual restaurants, boutiques and cafes. I really loved it there and came out with so many presents to take home!

We were only in Toronto for about 3 nights, so we made sure to fit in a day trip to Niagara too. Luckily, our hostel helped point us in a direction of a tour company that did day trips for not too extortionate a price, and so we headed over to the meeting point, grabbed an iced coffee from Tim Hortons (you've got to go if you're in Canada, you really do), and got on a coach. It was about an hour's drive to Niagara-on-the-lake, where we stopped for wine tasting (we felt so grown up) which was pretty cool and in the most gorgeous setting, before exploring the town. It's one of the most charming little places I've ever been, and since I live right by the edge of the Cotswolds, that's saying something!

The falls themselves were amazing. It's another bucket list moment ticked off for me! We took the boat cruise from the Canadian side down into the falls and got absolutely soaked, but the views were just stunning and worth every bit! Paddy had previously been from the American side, but said the view from Canada was better - so bear that in mind if you're planning a trip! :)

Toronto and Niagara really did serve us well and everybody was SO friendly and sweet - it made us feel very welcome!