This Christmas, I'll finally be exploring Edinburgh and I can't wait! I've visited the city before as my twin actually goes to uni there, but I've never been at Christmas time and he's told me so many times how amazing it is, so I'm very excited to go!

I thought I'd put together a little bucket list for all the things I'd like to do while I'm there - we're staying for 3 nights, and I want to get as much done as possible!

Visit the Edinburgh Christmas Markets
I've heard these are amazing - and that's coming from my brother who isn't as into Christmas as I am, so I am SO EXCITED to see them finally! From a quick google, they look amazing and have so much going on - all the lights! There seems to be a lot of rides too, with the famous Big Wheel, rollercoasters and carousels for everyone to have a go on, as well as plenty of opportunities to ice skate!

It appears they have both a European Christmas Market as well as the Scottish Market, which sounds really good. I've been to a fair few Christmas markets in the past, and I really like when I find items that are unique to the area, so this should be good indeed!

See the Street of Light
I dunno about you, but this sounds EXCELLENT to me! One of my favourite parts about this time of year is the amount of beautiful lights everywhere, so I am very keen to see this! It's taking place on George Street, with over 60,000 lights all lit up - it sounds soooo magical...

Wander down the Royal Mile
When I last visited the city, this was definitely my favourite part. The buildings are beautiful, and don't feel a million miles away from Oxford (my hometown) so it does feel quite homey to me. There are lots of really nice boutiques and cafes to pop into, so you're bound to find something nice to eat and take home with you. Cannot wait to visit again!

Get a sneak peek behind Edinburgh's closed doors
From December 1st, 24 doors across the city will be open to the public for free, allowing them into some of the most exciting and beautiful places across the capital. This year, you can see into Murrayfield Stadium, the Royal Lyceum theatre, and St Giles' Cathedral. I'll be sure to check some of these out if possible!

Take a hike...up to Arthur's Seat
It's pretty cool to think that there is an extinct volcano here in the UK - even more so to think it's on the doorsteps of Edinburgh! Arthur's Seat gives one of the most gorgeous views of this city, and you can walk there from Holyrood Park, just off the Royal Mile. I'd love to give this a try, but it all depends on the weather!

Check out the castle
Perhaps the most famous landmark in the city, the castle really is something to see. I've visited briefly before, but didn't have the chance to go in (I've heard mixed reviews about whether it is worth the entry fee). However, it is worth the walk up to see it, as it really is amazing, and has a rich history. Plus the views aren't bad either!

Have you got any must-dos or must-sees for Edinburgh? Let me know!

M x