Friends is my favourite TV show. Always has been, always will be. So when my best friend Annie (another Friends aficionado) bought me tickets to FriendsFest for my birthday, I was unsurprisingly ECSTATIC.

We went to Blenheim Palace, about 20 minutes away, and had a whale of a day. We went to Central Perk, saw the wedding chapel where Ross and Rachel got married, sat in Chandler and Joey's reclining chairs - and their canoe - saw Phoebe's 'smelly cat' karaoke, visited Monica's apartment and saw the picture frame on the door, ate at the Moondance diner where Monica worked, drank 'mockolate' milkshakes, and even had a game on the foosball table. It. Was. Awesome.

(Best present ever - well done Annabel)

'North route or South route?'

'I have elbows! Ahhhhhh!'

'I am always the hostess'

'Stevie the TV?'
'Is there a problem?'

'We've both got copies of the Annie soundtrack.'
'Honey, both yours.'