[Part 3 of 5 - Central Rio, Copacabana Beach and Christ the Redeemer]

One thing I really loved about Rio was how much it reminded me of New Orleans - a place I explored last summer and absolutely LOVED. The architecture is very European, with beautiful balconies and houses in all sorts of different colours.

We explored through here a couple times when we had some time to kill and had already ticked off quite a few things on our list, and it really was gorgeous.

Perhaps the most famous beach in the world, Copacabana Beach, was definitely on our list. You can't go to Rio and not go really, can you? It was an incredibly hot day; the sky and sea were different kinds of blue, and the beach was packed! We found a space to settle down and hired a parasol - you needed one, it was THAT hot - for about £3; the man even came and stuck it in the sand for us which was really nice. We got ourselves a couple of beers and I settled down to listen to my iPod or read my book. Blissful.

Christ the Redeemer is another must-do; the iconic statue stands high on Corcovado Mountain overlooking the entire city. The day we went happened to be another beautiful sunny day...or so we thought. By the time we had got onto the train up to the top, thick cloud had set in and you could barely see him! We ended up waiting up there for hours (luckily there were a few gift shops and restaurants to kill some time) before giving it another go and heading upwards to see if the view got better.

Luckily it did! For about 10 seconds at a time, the cloud did eventually clear enough for us to both glimpse the amazing landmark, as well as the incredible view over the city. It really did make you forget just how high up you are when you can't see what's below....but when everything came into view again, it was incredible.