Part 2 of our stay in beautiful Rio. I honestly think it's become one of my favourite cities I've ever visited.

We thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck in into everything Rio has to offer! On this particular day, we headed first for the Parque Lage, which is right at the bottom of Corcovado Mountain, on top of which sits Christ the Redeemer. The park is gorgeous, making you feel somewhat more inside a tropical jungle, but it's actually very close to the beach. There was a really lovely restaurant on site too which really was the nicest place to have our lunch - it felt almost a bit like Paris?!

Soon after, we wandered over to Jardim Botânico, which was just down the road. Whilst we didn't go in - a) because it was quite expensive and b) it's so big, it took a while to even see where the entrance was - we walked parallel to it and saw all the amazing palm trees...was definitely a sort of 'Dorothy, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore'-type moment!

After all that, the beach was calling, and Leblon and Ipanema luckily weren't far away. Both of these are part of the same long stretch of beach (along with Arpoador beach) but divided into sections, so there was plenty of space!

It had got to that point in the afternoon where the sun had slightly gone in and the temperature had cooled, so we wandered down onto the sand and chilled for a few hours and watched the GORGEOUS (caps is justified here) sunset. Perfect end to a great day.