HOW is it October already? I swear September just flew by! It was a month of changes, as I suppose it always has been; I was in and then came back from the trip of a lifetime to Brazil, I came back to work and am now sadly leaving, I'm about to start the second year of my Master's degree, I went to Brighton, the NFL and wonder I'm shattered!

Here are my favourites from September:

Niomi Smart - Eat Smart
I had this book pre-ordered ever since Niomi mentioned she was bringing it out. It's absolutely gorgeous. I'm not a vegetarian or vegan myself, but I'm trying to eat more healthily and she has some really easy recipes in here that look delicious! I've already tried the squash pizza, the chocolate pancakes and some of the smoothies and they're so good!

Hydrate M8 Water Bottle
I've seen a lot of people with these now, and because of acid reflux, I've been drinking more water - so I thought, why not try to get my fill every day? Since doing so, I've noticed my skin has been much clearer, my hair and nails have been stronger, I don't feel bloated so's really helped me. SO, this bottle has come in very useful, and sitting at work, I've managed to get my share of 2 litres a day! It's so great if you want to track your water levels, and it comes it a range of colours; this green one that says 'recharge' on it, is one of their newer ones, but definitely make sure to check them out!

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard
This book has been on my 'must buy' list for probably nearly a year now. I finally got round to reading it when I was in Brazil, and I really couldn't put it down! It's about female friendship and growing up, as well as talking about mental health - but not in a sad way whatsoever. I really enjoyed this book and could really relate to a lot of it, so it's definitely up there in some of my favourites.

WHSmith Watercolour Pens
I love art - drawing, painting, whatever. It's always been a hobby of mine, and recently I've really been liking watercolour art, so I figured I'd try some out. These pens were less than a tenner if I remember rightly, and I bought them as I've now started a bullet journal. They've come in really handy and are so easy to use; they give off a really nice effect and are a very good alternative to more expensive pens! Whilst you might want to use proper watercolour paint for more of a watered down effect, these give a pigmented colour that stands out. I really love them and use them all the time now!

What have been your favourites in September?