Autumn is definitely my favourite season. Winter comes a close second because of Christmas and all the festivities, but Autumn is top spot. It's a beautiful time of year when all the leaves change colour, people start to wrap up warm and cosy up with a cup of tea or a pumpkin spiced drink (latte or not), the days gradually start to get darker, and we're reminded that Christmas is on its way.

In keeping with all of this, I decided I wanted to make the most of the season this year, so in my bullet journal, I created my own Autumn Bucket List.

So you can see, there's quite a lot to be getting on with! Some of these things I did last year for the first time, such as baking - my friend Annie and I made Halloween biscuits and cupcakes and they were delicious and so much fun to make! While they weren't the most professional of bakes, we had loads of fun doing it and will definitely be doing it again this year.

I also went pumpkin picking last year with my boyfriend at Millets Farm in Oxfordshire. It was so so so much fun - I'd never been before! Millets is a must-do for me in autumn and winter; I've been going there since I was little every year at this time of year, so it's like a family tradition. I'll be heading back to the pumpkin patch again this year too!

Let me know what your favourite things to do in the autumn are!