I hope you've had a great weekend celebrating Halloween, and if you're doing something tonight, have fun! :) My weekend celebrating was fairly chilled, with a lot of baking, Halloween films and unfortunately studying (the joys of a Masters student eh?). However I've still had a great one, being able to hang out with some of my family and see my best friend Annie - going to Millets Farm (one of my favourite places to go to at this time of year), baking cookies, watching Harry Potter and Disney films and eating chicken. Yep, that was a highlight.

The cupcakes below are from +Tanya Burr's recipe for Halloween cupcakes in her book Tanya Bakes (if you've read some of my other posts you'll know I'm obsessed with this book) - I just changed the icing style slightly and sprinkled these Halloween-themed sprinkles that I got from Waitrose for about £2 or so. I get them every year! I baked these on Saturday night before settling down to watch Addams Family Values, which I absolutely love. If you've not seen it, I recommend it - it's hilarious and not at all scary, in case you don't fancy a horror film around Halloween!

I also make sure I carve at least once pumpkin every year, and I always like to do something a little different than your standard pumpkin design; this year, I decided on a haunted forest/tree type thing for one, and then just a simple moon and bat design for the other. I always look on Pinterest for these types of things! The lights I used were multicolour, as we picked up these circular orange battery-powered lights from Aldi, which were only about £1 each. It actually worked really well, as I can't find any tealights anywhere in the house, and you don't need to worry about the inside of the pumpkin burning.

The cookies that Annie and I made were originally a recipe from Prue Leith, which my mum and I have been using since I was little (we make them every Christmas), but we added chocolate chips to the mixture, and decorated using orange, green and black icing with the same sprinkles as before. Annie and I have turned this into our little tradition that we bake together every Halloween and Christmas, which I really love as we always have so much fun!

Hope you have a great time tonight whatever you're doing!

M x