I've wanted to go to Brighton for a long time, but have never had the chance. My dad's family are from the South Coast, but more so in Hampshire and Dorset, so if I was ever by the sea, it was usually in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch etc, or Southampton, where I went to uni. They're all very special places to me in my own way, but I've always wondered about Brighton, and I wasn't wrong.

My boyfriend and I took the train down from London - £7 return with a railcard from St Pancras! - which took about an hour and a half. The journey was fine, but by the time we arrived, it was chucking it down! Still, I was so excited to be there, and we braced the rain and went for a wander.

The first place we went to, North Laine, was just a short walk from the station. Already I was sold. The general area is full of really unique, quirky and interesting shops which sell some of the most lovely things; if I had an unlimited budget, I could've spent a decent chunk of it here alone.

One of the shops we popped into, InHouse Space, sold the most gorgeous homeware, and me being me, I ended up buying a mug with a hand drawn design of Brighton on it (they had others with London, New York & Paris on them...yes I will be back) for just over a tenner, and the lady in the shop was so friendly! I was telling her how I wasn't local but wanted to visit for ages and she recommended coming back at Christmas time - so that will be happening!

By this point, the rain was basically torrential, so we stopped for a drink to hide out. We found this really cosy and warm cafe called Littlebird and Paddy got a hot chocolate, whilst I opted for a Gingerbread Chai Tea, which was yummy and so warming! Whilst we didn't get any, they had some really delicious looking cakes in the window too, and for good prices.

When we'd finished our drinks, we wandered a bit more around North Laine, eventually heading for Gardener Street. On the way, we passed so many vintage shops (the dream) which made me very excited. Unfortunately, we only had a limited amount of time and I would've spent far too long looking in there so we gave it a miss, but next time!

We stopped at Photomatic - which is a store with photobooths. Why this isn't a thing around more of the country, I don't know, because it was so much fun! 1 ticket (with 4 photos) was £4, and there were both black and white and colour booths, as well as any props you might want to use. We opted for the black and white version and ended up having two gos as the first didn't come out well! It was such a novel way to have our little souvenir of the trip, and for very cheap!

I couldn't go to Brighton and not visit the +Bluebird Tea Co. store. The gingerbread chai tea that I had at Littlebird was actually a Bluebird Tea, and it was delicious. I've bought several of these teas already and am OBSESSED, so I had to pop in and see what was on offer. After a lot of umming and ahhhhing, I eventually settled on the new Spiced Pumpkin Pie tea - tis the season after all - but no more, as I already have a lot left at home that I've not used up! Definitely recommend them - www.bluebirdteaco.com.

A little while back, I bought my boyfriend a book all about pizza - i.e. the best places in the world to eat pizza. It goes through all the continents and by city, lists the best pizzas to eat. He found a place called Pizza Face, which was in Kemptown, a 20-minute or so walk away. We walked down through the city and found the place, which ended up being a takeaway place. No matter, we ordered our pizzas and ate them on the seafront. Pizza + the sea = a very good day.

Oh my god, that pizza was incredible. Honestly, one of the best I've ever had.

We walked down by the sea until we reached the pier, and took a right up towards the Royal Pavillion. By this time, the rain had long gone, and it was a beautiful day! We walked around the Pavillion gardens, but unfortunately didn't have much time to go in - another thing for another time!

We then popped into the famous Lanes to look around. I really loved this area too - so many tiny streets with the most unusual, creative, and fun things and it reminded me a little of the Covered Market in Oxford, as there are so many things to see and explore. We were starting to run out of time at this point so couldn't spend much time looking around, but when we come back at Christmas, I will definitely be spending a lot more time here!

It was time to go after all that, but I completely fell in love with Brighton, and can absolutely see why people love it there. I will definitely be back at Christmas!