Over the course of the month, I've been picking up bits and bobs here and there, so I thought I'd put them all together for a seasonal haul! Here's what I got - it's a long one so grab that cup of tea/alcohol/whatever floats your boat...


Clockwise L-R: Morphe Brushes 35O Palette, Lush Eau Roma Water, Lush Big Shampoo
I have wanted this +Morphe Brushes palette ever since I first laid eyes on it several months ago. Finally, it was back in stock at a time where I actually had enough money to pay for one! I ordered off +BEAUTY BAY and it only cost £21 - I'm sorry but that is a bargain for such a high quality palette as this (and free delivery)! Isn't it beautiful?

I've also been having some issues with my skin recently - I have combination skin, which is a nightmare to look after as you're essentially having to cater to two different skin types, so finding the right products is annoyingly hard. I've read about +LUSH's Eau de Roma Water, which is really hydrating for the skin - which is exactly what I need as the weather gets colder. I got the smaller 100g amount which was about £4 I think? Really liking it so far.

And my hair is still as fine and flat and boring as ever, so I wanted something to bring some life back into it; I read +Kate La Vie's post about her staple Lush items and she mentioned the Big shampoo, which she said was brilliant for giving volume to limp, fine hair. Well, she's right. I've only used it once so far and I can already see the difference. My hair even feels softer. It was a little strange using it at first as it's essentially just a handful of salt, but the more you massage it in, the more it builds up like a shampoo and it's really lovely.

Clockwise L-R: MAC lipstick in Studded Kiss; MAC lipstick in Brave; Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Espresso; Maybelline Lash Sensational in Black; MAC lipstick in Diva; MAC lipstick in Kinda Sexy; Makeup Revolution Eye Primer
I can never resist buying more from +MAC Cosmetics. It's Autumn, I had a gift card, and I wanted to get some more lipsticks, so I bought four - Studded Kiss, Brave, Diva and Kinda Sexy. Honestly, I could've bought more, and it took a while to decide which of these I should choose, but I fell in love with these!

I talked about the Barry M Nail Polishes more in my Autumn Makeup post (check it out here) but since Superdrug had a 3 for 2 deal on, I thought I'd buy another one. I really like these polishes because they're really good quality for a great price, and I was obsessed with the other matte colour I had. I think this new colour I now have (Espresso) will go with a lot, and it was such good value.


I love buying books and Waterstones had a buy one get one half price deal on, so it was inevitable really. I read +Mindy Kaling's last book (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?) and loved it so much, so I've wanted her second book for ages. I love Mindy and think she's hilarious - The Mindy Project is one of my favourite shows - so I can't wait to read this!

I first read +Lindsey Kelk's books last year when I bought pretty much all of the 'I Heart' series for my kindle when I went travelling. I absolutely loved them, and they were really great at distracting me when I got homesick. I've heard good things about her new book!


Clockwise L-R: Halloween earrings - H&M; ASOS Choker; ASOS earrings; Reclaimed Vintage at ASOS Choker
H&M had these 4 pairs of halloween earrings for about £5 which I thought would be really nice to wear when I have my Halloween day with my friend Annie this weekend, as well as for future Halloweens to come. I really like the bat and pumpkin ones!

I placed an order on ASOS the other day and picked up these cute heart shaped earrings for about £5. I really like them and hope to actually put one in my cartilage piercing if it works! I'm hoping to get some more ear piercings too so I'm trying to build up a nice collection of earrings.

I picked up these chokers in the order too - the ASOS one for a fiver, and the Reclaimed Vintage one for a tenner - which I thought was a little expensive! They wear really well though and the simple designs will go with a lot, so I'm very happy!

Bag from H&M

Lastly, I picked up this small black shoulder bag from H&M for £9.99 - I've been looking for exactly this kind of bag for a long time now - it's perfect for a night out if you don't want to bother with a clutch (like me) or even a day out if you don't need a whole lot to take with you. I'm really happy with it and for the price too, as everything else I'd seen that was similar was at least £15 or more, which I didn't really want to spend!