After reading Nourish ME's blog post here: 25 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 25 (make sure you check out her blog by the way, I love it!) it got me thinking about the things I want to accomplish in the time I have before I turn 25, so here goes:

1. Learn to drive
2. Travel to Asia
3. Move in with my boyfriend
4. Find my dream career
5. Continue writing this blog
6. Find my 'kindred spirits'
7. Work on improving and looking after myself
8. Run for charity
9. Read more books
10. Be able to afford to buy myself a designer bag
11. Get a tattoo
12. Visit my friends in Australia
13. Start saving for a deposit
14. See more of the UK and Ireland
15. Promote mental health
16. Get fit
17. Invest in a professional camera
18. Go to New York at Christmas
19. Get another piercing
20. See the Northern Lights
21. Practise yoga more often
22. Finally master the winged eyeliner
23. Meet other bloggers
24. Learn/relearn another language
25. Live abroad (if possible!)