Over the last couple weeks I have been a little quieter on here for one big reason: I was in Brazil!

My boyfriend and I booked our 2-week trip back sometime around April, and the time had finally come to set off and get on a plane (or 2, or 3 etc).

Our trip would first take us to São Paulo - with a day at Iguaçu Falls - before heading over to Rio de Janeiro for about a week. We spent 5 nights in São Paulo, and learnt A LOT - particularly in the recent political situation going on over there (but no politics talk on here!). The entire country of Brazil was really fascinating and the people were really lovely. São Paulo in particular felt like a huge city like London or New York, just spread over a bigger area - there were so many skyscrapers! A huge metropolis, the city is the most populated in the entirety of the Americas!

Our flights were booked through +Delta who were really pretty good. I flew with them last year when I did my 7-week trip to the USA and so we decided to go with them again over another airline we'd never heard of before. It did mean we had to change through Atlanta on the way out and New York on the way back - which was very rushed - but the flights themselves were great.

After about a day of travelling each way, we finally made it to São Paulo at around 8am. We crashed at our hotel for a few hours - staying at the Novotel SP Jaragua, which was excellent - before going for a rekkie round the city.

Over the next few days, we explored the beautiful cathedral, Ibirapuera Park (which is a must-see if you're visiting the city), Paulista Avenue and the central shopping district, and the São Paulo Zoo, as well as some AMAZING places to eat like Braz and Jardim do Napoli - for the best parmigiana I know I will ever have.

It really was a great place to start our journey into Brazil.

São Paulo Cathedral

Ibirapuera Park

São Paulo from the sky!

Paulista Avenue

The BEST parmigiana at Jardim do Napoli

São Paulo Zoo