Whilst we were in Brazil, we couldn't not do a quick trip to Iguaçu Falls! A lot of people choose to spend a couple of nights here and stay in a hotel in the nearby town, Foz do Iguaçu, but since we'd already booked our accommodation in São Paulo, we decided to fit it into a day.

Coming from the Brazilian side of the falls - which can also be accessed from Paraguay and Argentina - we got a return flight from Sao Paulo for about £100-150, which wasn't too bad, given it's such a popular tourist destination. We flew with LATAM airlines, who fly everywhere around South America it seems, and the flight was good; it was around about an hour long and we still got in-flight food - which you definitely don't get on short haul flights around Europe! Definitely recommend if you want a cheapish, comfortable quick flight.

I wasn't too sure about how we would get to and from the airport to the falls, but thanks to The Little Backpacker's post (check it out here) which covered absolutely everything essential, it was easy! Thanks Jodie! :) We grabbed the bus - which we thought was the right one and actually wasn't, and spent about an hour in the wrong direction; however we got a nice little tour around the town of Foz de Iguaçu, which we hadn't planned on! It was actually quite funny, especially when we realised that to pay on the bus, you first get on, then pay and go through a turnstile in the middle of the bus! (Yes, I got a bit stuck later on...but it was fine)

Jodie's post was absolutely brilliant for helping us get around, so if you're heading to the falls, make sure you give it a read! We got off the public bus at the entrance to the National Park of the falls, where we there bought our tickets (about R50-60 each) and got on a shuttle bus further into the park. There are all sorts of trails you can do, depending on your level of fitness and interest, but the main trail starts at the stop by the hotel - i.e. where most people get off! It takes you down and along the side of the cliffs by the falls, and eventually down to the observation deck called 'Devil's Throat'. This was absolutely the best part; you walk out along a long deck right next to the waterfalls themselves, and get completely drenched, but the view is stunning and well worth it!

We found the day trip to be tiring, but enough time to see everything we wanted to see. However, you can get to the falls from Argentina to get a different perspective (Jodie's post covers this too), which I think a lot of people do, so they stay longer. However, with a limited time on our hands, we made sure we squeezed it into our trip for as cheap as we could! Another thing ticked off the bucket list!