A while back now, my boyfriend found last minute tickets on YPlan for MySliceFest at Wembley in London.

For those who don't know, it's an all-day pizza festival. What a wonderful idea.

We got our tickets through YPlan which is a brilliant app for those living in London - and they have versions for other cities like New York and San Francisco too - which offers loads of really good deals on activities, shows, food, you name it, all over the city. We've used it loads of times to get cheap cinema tickets, to go to various events etc and it's saved us a lot of money!

Tickets were around £10 each for the day, which wasn't too bad considering there were plenty of food stalls and live music all day long.

We arrived around 2ish (it started at 12) and it wasn't busy at all. A little disappointing and a slight setback, though it meant we didn't have to wait long in the queue which we definitely took for granted...!

I, being the huge Friends fan I am, ordered a slice of 'The Joey Tribbiani' pizza from one of the food stalls, which was a margherita pizza with hot dog slices and fries on top - not what I'd usually go for, but I enjoyed it! Paddy had a plain cheese and tomato one too, which I tried a bit of, and that was really good.

By about an hour or so later, it was HEAVING and the queues were so long! We wanted to go back for more pizza, but it took so long to get one, it did put us off a bit. When we eventually tried, we queued for an hour only to be told we'd have to wait another 50 minutes for the actual pizza which was not ideal. Paddy did manage to get a slice of pizza called 'Pretty Fly for a White Pie' (excellent name) from Scream For Pizza (check them out at @scream_pizza) which apparently was delicious.

However, there were some other things going on too; the festival had set up games including an adult sized version of Connect 4, as well as live music, photo booths and rides to go on.

Despite the long wait for food and that being the main reason to go, for a tenner it wasn't bad. It would've been better if there had been more pizza trucks or stalls and perhaps some more activities, but since it's such a small festival, it wasn't too bad for what it was! And the idea of a pizza festival in itself is a wonderful idea which definitely should happen more often...