For my 23rd birthday, I decided I didn't want a big night out or anything too elaborate, but something more chilled and relaxed. I chose to see my friends over dinner and then go for cocktails, and I particularly wanted to go to Forest Bar on the Roof at +Selfridges. I'd seen lots of photos on Instagram of their beautiful archway and decor, and knew it was the place for my birthday.

To get there, you need to go into Selfridges on Oxford Street in London, and get the lift all the way up to the top floor. It's a little tricky to make sure you find the right lift (as there is a direct one to the rooftop) but it's located in the midst of the fragrance section on the ground floor.

My friends and I all had a cocktail each. The prices were a little expensive, and the flavours were a little experimental, but they were really good and the atmosphere of the bar was lovely. They also had a summertime-only gin bar specifically for gin-based cocktails too, and I'm told the same section transforms in the winter to serve hot drinks such as mulled wine (so I'll be going back!). It turns out you can also eat there too, but I was more interested in the cocktail menu.

One of my favourite bits about the place was the gorgeous view it has over London. Given its central location on Oxford Street, you are right in the heart of the capital. We were even lucky enough to be able to hear Florence and the Machine playing a concert in Hyde Park too!

If you're looking to go somewhere a little more special with a really relaxed vibe, I'd really recommend this place!