I'm aware we're over halfway into August now haha, but here are my July favourites (finally)

Body Shop Papaya Body Butter
I loooooove this so much. I was out shopping in Oxford whilst +The Body Shop UK had a sale on, so managed to bag this one (the big size) for only £6! It smells just like summer, and like every other Body Shop body butter, it's lovely to use and really makes your skin feel hydrated. I've used it for sunburn, keeping a tan etc, and it's worked perfectly. So happy!

I do love a snap now and then but at the moment I've been loving it a lot more. The filters are endlessly fun to play with (I regularly try them without sending anything) - my favourites are the dog filter and the butterfly that suits everyone haha!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Martha Moo
Lots of people have been raving about this, and for good reason; I love this lipstick. I'm a big fan of liquid lipsticks, because they're easy to apply, they last well (if not better) than a regular matte lipstick, and you can get just as much out of them. This was only £5.99 from +Superdrug - which is an absolute bargain, because the quality is so good. I've worn this so many times and it stays so well, even after eating and drinking. The consistency is a little sticky and heavy, but if you put a thinner layer on it will still give as much coverage and dries very quickly. Will definitely be buying this for a long time!

Ctrl Alt Delete Podcast
This great podcast by Emma Gannon (you can have a listen here) is really entertaining. She's interviewed a variety of women about a range of topics, particularly careers and the internet, and I really really love it. I'm not usually a podcast person, but this is one I always go back to! I've also just bought her book and will be taking it on holiday with me, I can't wait!

H&M Mac
I saw this whilst out shopping in Oxford too, and fell in love with it instantly. H&M always have good stuff (it's one of my go-to stores) and this is no exception. I was very much in need of a mac, as I always seem to settle for jackets with hoods that are too small for my big head, or using an umbrella, and this is easier! I got it in a size medium which is still too big for me (I'm never a small) and it was about £40. It's really lightweight, easy to wear, and the khaki colour goes with a lot - perfect for a British summer if we were having more of a typical one! Can't wait for a rainy day so I can really try it out...

(image taken from www.hm.com)
Oliver Bonas bath salts
These were one of my gifts from my boyfriend for my birthday this year, which was lovely because I <3 a="" class="g-profile" href="https://plus.google.com/105100793997022619071" nbsp="" target="_blank">+Oliver Bonas
 very much, and I love a good bath. The elderflower smell is beautiful and very summery - even though you may not want a bath in the summer so much, for a British summer it's ideal because it's only been hot for a couple weeks overall, but it's still been sunny out :) I don't know how much they are as they were a present, but they work well in the bath - albeit a little slow to dissolve at the start, though they're fully dissolved by the time you get in.

Bluebird Tea Co.
This was a great find. I'm a fairly big-ish tea drinker, and particularly love a cuppa on a really cold, miserable, day, but these knock them right out of the park. +Bluebird Tea Co. have a huge range of different teas available as loose leaf or in tea bags for you to try, and I'd really recommend it! I bought 5 to choose from, and have to say I am really liking Dozy Girl at the moment, which has been really helpful in making me feel more relaxed. Will be buying some more for the autumn too! Check them out here!