I received a copy of +Tanya Burr's new book, Tanya Bakes, for my birthday this year, and I fell in love with it. I've always loved baking since I was a little'un, and any excuse to do some is fine by me. So when I got the book, I knew I had to make something ASAP.

Cookies are  a weakness I'll admit, and usually they're the quickest thing I can whip up with whatever we've got in the house. If I've had a rubbish day at work, or have a particular craving, or even if it's THAT time of the month again, I'll bake cookies. Luckily my family love our food, so everyone gets a more even number each haha! When I saw these white & milk chocolate cookies, I thought they'd be my next target.

I won't write up the recipe here (you'll have to get the book I'm afraid), but what I will say is that they were DELICIOUS. I usually use a recipe by +The Hummingbird Bakery which is also amazing, but what made the difference for using Tanya's recipe was that my twin, who does not have a big sweet tooth, could not resist having these cookies and even said 'they're really good, and they're not too rich either, which is what I like'. So there you go!

The recipe itself is for 10 cookies, but I've now made these twice - I made 20 out the mixture the first time, and over 30 the second time! It depends a lot on how big you like your cookies to be, and I usually go for a little smaller as it means I can give more out to people, but it's up to you!

They're so simple to make - prep time took me about 15 minutes at the most - and they cook really well. One thing I noticed is that the recipe says to bake them for 12 minutes in the oven; I found if the cookies were on the top shelf, this was perfect timing, but if they were on the middle shelf, you need to give another 2-3 minutes to get them a little brown around the edges, which is perfect. (Just don't do what I did and be cocky, thinking that the cookies will stay stuck to the greaseproof paper - I tried to tilt the baking tray to show my mum the cookies and 3 broke in half and fell off...!)

They got the family seal of approval, and I'm yet to give any to Paddy but I know he'll like them too. Will be using this recipe very often! :)