I'm finally back to blogging!

The past few weeks have been unbelievably stressful, so unfortunately I've not been able to blog much. However things are back to normal mainly because I've finished all my exams for my masters! *cheers* *clap hands* *cry with happiness*

I had my exams on Tuesday and Thursday, and unfortunately, my birthday was sandwiched right between them - talk about bad luck! So, to celebrate everything, I thought I'd get back to things with a post about what I got for my birthday this year, where I turned 23 :) I've really missed being able to sit down and write so I cannot wait to get back to it this summer!

This is what I received this year :)

- DVDs - Brooklyn, Beauty & The Beast, and Tangled

I went to see Brooklyn in the cinema when it came out and looooooved it! Tangled is one of my favourite +Disney films - I'm building up my own collection and it's very exciting - and would you believe I've never seen Beauty and The Beast?!

- HUGE Lush gift set

When my family asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I mentioned anything from Lush as I'm a huuuuge fan and always love to try something new. So I thought, if they were going to buy anything from there, it would the odd bath bomb or whatever. Imagine my surprise when my brother handed me over a wrapped tin - which to be honest, I thought was a tin of Roses or Quality Street (which would still be excellent presents) - filled with +LUSH goodies! I had no idea this gift set even existed but it's amazing! Included are the Experimenter bath bomb (one of my faves), Sea Monster Fun (which is the stuff you can make into whatever you like, excellent), the blackberry bath bomb (I've never tried so very excited!), a mini version of the comforter bubble bar (eeeee so happy!), a rose jam bubbleroon (sooooo beautiful), a dragon's egg bath bomb (another fave) and on top of all of that, IT CAME WITH A DUCK BUNTING BANNER. I love bunting. Such a good present!

- Books

                - Always With Love - Giovanna Fletcher
                - The One We Fell in Love With - Paige Toon
                - Strictly Between Us - Jane Fallon
                - Finding Audrey - Sophie Kinsella
                - Tanya Bakes - Tanya Burr

I've been putting together a list for months now of all the books I wanted to get so I gave the list to my parents for ideas for birthday presents (such a helpful daughter I am). The excitement to see 4 books (including the follow up to Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher which is one of my favourite reads), PLUS the brand new +Tanya Burr cookbook, Tanya Bakes! If you're an avid baker and not picked this up yet, I highly recommend it; it is one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen. Makes me so excited to start baking again, and I finally have a proper Yule Log recipe for Christmas haha!

- Makeup

I finally have my hands on an +Urban Decay Cosmetics palette yaaaaasssssss! I cannot tell you how long I've wanted one of these bad boys but never been able to grab one due to lack of funds. How times have changed! Both of these are from my parents, and I'm so happy to have a +MAC Cosmetics voucher as we all know they're a little pricey. The fact that it allows me to get my makeup done too is very exciting! (Oxford doesn't have a proper MAC store but it's in Debenhams so it's all good)

- Other lovely things

I'm a sucker for anything to help you pamper yourself - particularly in the last few months - so my boyfriend's parents bought me this beautiful candle from +M&S; it smells so lovely. He himself has yet to buy my main present apparently, but wanted to give me a little something on the day (he's a keeper) and so bought me these gorgeous bath crystals from +Oliver Bonas which just remind me of summer. Going to get so much use out of these!

So there we have it for now - I'm so grateful for all these lovely things, as well as the cards and money I was given too; I have the best family and friends.

Watch out for a HUGE shopping haul coming soon (because I got finally got paid)....