I finally got paid a couple of weeks ago, and since I've been broke for a good few months, I figured now was the time to treat myself to some new things, so I went on a bit of a spree....(beware, this is a long post!)

+Space NK apothecary - Hourglass Ambient Light Palette

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It's sooooo beautiful I almost don't want to touch it at all. While this cost a small fortune from Space NK, it's selling so fast and I didn't want to miss it, as so so many people have been raving about it! I'm so so happy to have it and know I'll get so much use out of it, especially this summer!


(image taken from www.hm.com)
I bought this simple jersey striped top from H&M for about £7 which is a very good price. It's so comfortable and easy to wear, goes with everything...what I needed!

I really love this necklace - I wear a lot of rose gold jewellery but don't have a necklace so this was ideal, and only about £3.

I also picked up a black and white striped sleeveless blouse (I like my stripes) which goes with pretty much anything; can be worn to work, on a date, when out for drinks etc. Definitely see it going with a bold lip!


+Tanya Burr Cosmetics Nail Polish in Duvet Day

I absolutely adore this colour. I picked up the nail polish in +Superdrug when I was in London at the weekend, and it's the perfect colour to wear everyday! It really does make me think of lazy duvet days too (if that makes sense haha) and the quality is really good. Will be buying more!

+Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar and Le Fizz

I realise I've bought two of the same sort of product, but I love buying things for the bath and I couldn't resist these as I'd heard so much about them! 'Le Fizz' from the new collection caught my eye immediately with the beauuutiful packaging, and since I saw 'Fizz Bar' was still in stock - and going soon - I thought I'd might as well buy it as I love that collection.


both images taken from www.topshop.com
Now that I finally had some money I had to indulge in a bit of Beyonce's line didn't I? I bought the Ivy Park grey bra and leggings for £22 and £25 each; I did think that was a little expensive for a bra but then it's actually good quality and soooo comfortable! I'm really looking forward to getting back into working out again so I can wear these haha - it makes such a difference when you love what you're wearing!

+MAC Cosmetics:

I popped into the MAC store in Covent Garden (partly to get out of the torrential rain, but also because I wanted to) and finally bought these very much-coveted lipliners in Whirl and Soar. I know most people know them already but I finally have them, and I'm very happy about it! The quality, as always, is amazing and the colours last a really long time; worth the money!


When it comes to a spree you can't not go to Primark, or at least I can't. I love this top so much that I changed into it very soon after I bought it. You can't quite tell from the photo, but alongside the grey stripes, there are actually very line lines of sparkly rose gold, so I was sold instantly. I've worn it with the shoulders covered but it can be worn bardot style too. It was only about £7 and it's so comfortable - very happy with this find!

I'm obsessed with these cold shoulder tops which are everywhere at the moment, but this one I love in particular because of the boho-style embroidery and mini pom-poms around the hem. Again it's very comfy and light so perfect for the summer - this will be coming on holiday with me!

(all photos taken from www.asos.com)

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I'm in the mindset to buy some more plain-ish tops and t-shirts nowadays, having lived in jumpers and thick coats during the autumn, winter, and most of the spring (we've not had brilliant weather have we?). I found these t-shirts by a brand called Daisy Street on ASOS who I've bought from before and really like; while the t-shirts are able to be worn with anything, they have a small print on each so they're not just your average white t-shirt. The quality is really good and they're only £13 each.

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Pyjamas with tapered legs are my favourite kind to wear because I find them so much more cosy and warm! I saw these deckchair-stripe style-pjs by ASOS and added them straight into my basket! They're a little bit more pricey at £26, but I don't think that's a reason not to buy them! Even the top is a little boxier than I would've liked, I'm still really happy with them and in a way, I hope we do have a proper English summer so I can wear them to keep warm...!

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I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them and had to have them. They're comfy, fun, and only £18. No regrets.

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I was a little hesitant about this dress; usually jersey = bodycon, and for those, like me, who aren't the slimmest, that's mostly a bit of a no-no. However I was pleasantly surprised by this dress! It's a shift dress that clings a little, but actually in the right places, and not in any problem areas, giving a smoother silhouette. I loved wearing this dress - and it's just £14 in the sale!

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Again, another cold shoulder top, I've been living in this recently because it's so comfy and can be pretty much worn anywhere! It's only £8 in the ASOS sale, which is frankly a bargain, and is made by a brand called Brave Soul, which I've only just discovered and really like. I feel this may be a bit of a staple in my wardrobe...

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I am like bigfoot I swear, so I sometimes need a wider foot when it comes to shoes. These flats by New Look at ASOS are some of my favourites I've bought in ages. I've seen lots of people with similar buckle-style or perhaps a moccasin-style flat, and I thought it would make a nice change to boots or trainers. I have to say, they're still going through the wearing-in process which is more painful than I'd like to admit, however, I love them so I'm persevering!

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Aren't they lovely? I don't know if it's a sub-conscious desire to have smaller feet or just to appear to, or maybe I just really like the shoe, but these caught my eye - and shoes like these don't normally. I really love the tan colour that goes with everything; but they also have an open feel to them, meaning for those with wider feet (like yours truly) it's not such an issue as we can adjust the laces to our comfort. Definitely a plus, and they're £32 in the sale.

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It turns out, buying winter coats in the summer sale is actually a very good idea. So why it's taken me this long to realise, I have no idea haha! Though I practically lived in my Zara duffle-type-parka for the past couple of winters, it is quite heavy, and it was always the only coat I had, so I decided to invest in a couple more that would last and go with lots of things. The khaki cocoon coat suits me very well as I love wearing khaki, and the style is similar to lots of things I've worn before too that I really liked. It was only about £40 in the sale too, which is an excellent price for a good quality winter coat! The second, beige coat, is something I've wanted for a long time, as I feel beige really does go with everything and I like the longline look of this coat - plus I fancy myself as tall enough to fit into the ASOS tall category...I live in hope. Again, it was only £24 down from £75 in the sale which is an amazing find! It's really warm and cosy and the lapels don't go down too far either, so I keep cosier!

So that's it! God only knows how much money I've spent but it was soooo worth it! Hope you enjoyed reading! :)