Last weekend, I, alongside my best friend Harriet, my boyfriend Paddy, and his friend Rob, went to Electric Daisy Carnival, or EDC. For those who don't know, EDC as a company holds festivals across the globe showcasing some of the world's most famous electronic acts, and the UK version was held at the Milton Keynes Bowl, about an hour or so outside London.

Whilst I've not grown up so much with electronic music (being more into Rock and Pop) Paddy loves it and since we've been together, has got me into it to an extent - mainly Martin Garrix, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, and Avicii (to name a few), who were all performing this year. It turns out, Avicii is actually not going to be performing live anymore due to personal reasons I think, so this was probably our best and last chance to see him live; of course we had to go.

I'd never been to the festival before and neither had Harriet, but both of the boys had so we were in good hands. The weather wasn't amazing, but it didn't rain and it wasn't especially cold, so for England I'd call that a win. The venue was completely packed - the bowl holds up to 60,000 people - and there was so much going on.

There was the main stage, and 3 other tents to spread out the acts. The decorations were pretty cool, with decor made out of umbrellas and inflatable daisies and large pinwheels, as well as a load of different rides we were not going on! We mostly split up as the boys wanted to see more obscure acts we'd never heard of, and Harriet found some people she really liked so we went to see them instead.

First up was Sigma, who were amazing! I didn't know a whole lot of their stuff, but they tend to play a lot of remixes too so there were a definite few I was singing along too with Harriet. We got quite near the front at one point, which was really fun and we really enjoyed the whole set; the tent was full!

We wandered about for a bit after - got some more drinks including a Pimms each, of course - and generally just chilled. The weather was getting nicer by this point so it was actually just great to sit out on the grass and relax! We then went to see Martin Garrix on the main stage and just chilled on the side of the grass with a drink. He was pretty good!

After that, we went back to meet up with the boys, who were in one of the tents seeing a guy called John O'Callaghan. He wasn't bad, but not really my type of thing, nor Harriet's. So, back for another drink it was!

We all grabbed some food at a Mexican stall, which was sooooo good but so filling and my burrito completely dismantled itself. Worth it.

Next we headed to the main stage for the final 2 acts of the night.

Axwell /\ Ingrosso were up first. If you haven't heard of them, they were once part of Swedish House Mafia, who have since split up. I was really looking forward to seeing them because I love so many of their songs, and because they're old favourites from uni. However I have to say I was a little disappointed with their performance; it just didn't seem they were playing loads of songs that everyone really knew, and the crowd wasn't really going for it. Perhaps it was just an off day?! We still had fun dancing around and singing along though!

After them was AVICII. I'd wanted to see him for so long so I was so excited! So many of his songs are ones that bring back memories from uni, as well as reminding me of significant moments for Paddy and I, so it was really special.

It was such a good performance! Everyone knew the songs and were singing and dancing along, the lights were like a show in themselves, they were so atmospheric. It was unbelievable and the perfect way to blow off some steam after what had been a pretty hellish week!

Getting out was a bit of a nightmare though! We rushed back to the train station and got caught up in the humongous crowds to head back towards London. The stewards had to separate people into waves to let them down the stairs to the platform, it was so busy! Once we got onto the platform, we got really lucky as the train doors stopped right in front of us so we could get on and get a seat straight away...the train was rammed and we finally got back to London around 1am. Such a great day out though!