1. Kiko Milano Eyes 200 Rounded Eye Brush - £10.90
I actually picked this up when I was in Milan recently, but now I've realised there's a store in Oxford too, I'll be getting more! I love the quality of this brush; it's very soft and blends colours so well. It's really easy to clean too, and for the price, I think it's really good! Most good quality brushes like this are more around the £20 mark, so this is definitely a good spend!

2. Me Before You - Jojo Moyes
I bought this book last month and really enjoyed it! It's incredibly heartwarming, with a lot of sad parts, but a lot of happy moments too. The film has just been released too which looks sooooo good, so I'm really excited to see it, but the book was just such a page-turner! I'd really recommend it.

3. Scouting For Girls - This Ain't A Love Song
I've rediscovered this song recently and forgot what a tune it is. No regrets.

4. He Shi Gradual Tan
I'm really not much of a fake-tanner, but I heard a lot about this tan and thought I'd give it a go. It's about £13 or so, so a little on the expensive side compared to a lot of high street stores, but the quality is really good. I get the light version as I'm as pale as a Twilight character, so I didn't ever want a truly fake look; more of a sunkissed colour which looks more natural. This is great for that! I've heard about their Instant Tan too which I may give a try, but so far I'm impressed!

5. Blackadder
Again, I've rediscovered an old favourite. My family brought me up watching Blackadder and I still love it even though I've seen all the episodes so many times. My favourite series are 3 & 4, and at the moment, the channel Yesterday (Freeview channel 19) are going through all of them, so I've been watching so many in the past few weeks! It's one of my favourite TV shows (co-written by Stephen Curtis and Ben Elton) and it just never gets old.

6. Lewis
From one show to another, I can't not love Lewis. It's set in my hometown so I'm automatically biased, but the storylines are really clever and I really get into murder mysteries! Maybe that's sad, who cares! These have been repeated (as they always are) on itv3 recently, so I've been watching a lot more.

Onto the next...!