These past few weeks have brought about a lot of changes to my life. I've started my new job, I've been thinking more seriously about my future career and the next couple of years of my life, I've woken up to who my friends are and what they're actually talking about, and I've started to remember what I love the most.

My new job is going fairly well at the moment. I'm working in research, and so far it's not been too bad; everyone is really lovely and I really hope I get the chance to make some great new friends in my hometown, as most of my school friends have disappeared to new and greener grass nowadays. It's made me think a lot about how I want the next few years of my life to go: to find the job that allows me to think creatively and love what I do; to move in with my boyfriend, as we've now been together for 4 years; to travel more and see places I've always wanted to see; and to start saving to put money towards a future house and possible wedding one day (no expectations or plans btw!).

Recently, I've seen a really unattractive side to some people I believed to call my friends. I am not currently in the same position as them and because of this, I'm starting to feel quite left out. It's hurtful, but what's more, what they actually talk about just doesn't interest me anymore. It's not the life I want to live and they're just not topics I want to talk about anymore; I've grown up a bit maybe. Another has been checking only so often that it feels like it's more of a reminder they still care, but when it comes to actually meeting up. it appears to be one rule for me, one rule for their other friends. Who knows, I'm an overthinker, so perhaps I'm just amazing at creating problems where there are none...? It just makes me crave the close friendships I want, surrounded by people who have my best interests at heart, and who know that no matter how different our situations are, they are still no reflection of each of us. Yet to find my 'kindred spirit' perhaps (Anne of Green Gables fans will get that!)...

I hear that situations like this are just a part of growing up and maybe I'm growing up faster than I thought? Change always appears to teach us something, and maybe I'm learning to take control of what I want, finally. Maybe growing up is always for the best!