Recently, probably due to everyone being at Coachella, I've actually been really missing LA. This is surprising, because when I actually visited last summer, I wasn't that taken with on reflection, I wish I could go back!

I stayed in Venice Beach, which is about an hour or so away from downtown LA (if you're going by public transport). For a budget-friendly traveller, this had its upsides and downsides: the upside was that I was right by the beach, it was a very cool and individualistic area which I really liked, and it was only a 30 min walk up the beach to Santa Monica - where there's more to do! The downside is that, yes, it's aaaaages away from the main city, and therefore a lot of the attractions. In hindsight, I'd probably have stayed a couple days in Venice, and a couple days in the city, but I didn't have time, so I'll have to return!

Still, I was able to get into the city using one of the many and ever-popular hop-on hop-off buses. There are about 5 or so different routes in total, each covering an area in or around LA. I opted for the routes covering Venice and Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Brentwood, and downtown LA and Hollywood. Given I was only there for 2 full days, this got everything done so quickly! I visited the Santa Monica Pier, Sunset Boulevard, the Beverly Hills sign, Rodeo Drive, and of course, Hollywood Boulevard with the ridiculously long Walk of Fame (note: don't spend all your time looking out for famous names as I did!) It was packed as you'd expect, but if I'd had more time, I would've gone into the Chinese Theatre, the Dolby Theatre, the Grove, etc...I'm so annoyed at myself for not planning ahead haha!

Other areas and attractions I would've LOVED to go were Paramount Studios, Disney, Malibu, and down to Big Sur. However, I'm glad I've had a change of heart about LA as really, I didn't give it much of a chance and I reckon I'd love it if I went for a proper holiday now! Maybe I'll do an extended trip for Coachella next year....