The weekend before last, my friends and I went down to Pop Brixton, as they were holding a May Day Festival. We got our tickets (for free) through the YPlan app - which is great to find unusual, cheap and fun things to do in London. We met at Brixton tube station, and the venue was right around the corner.

It was such a nice day to be out enjoying the sun, and Pop Brixton was all dressed up with string lights and flowers. They had lots of different food and drink stands set up all day, with a range of cuisines for everyone to enjoy! There was even a flower crown making session which you could sign up to, though we didn't as it cost £15 (!).

My friend and I chose to have gyozas (mine were pork, hers were chicken) from a stall; we both got 6 each for about £4.50, and they were so delicious! My other friend got a whole sourdough cheese pizza for a fiver too - it was great value for money! We also got a couple of drinks too in the form of elderflower spritzes, which were a little pricey at £8 a pop, but still delicious and very refreshing in the sun. We sat upstairs surrounded by lantern lights which were gorgeous, but because it was sunny all day, it heated up very quickly so it was like a greenhouse!

After chilling there for a bit, we headed across the road, back towards the tube station, to Brixton Food Court. This had a similar vibe to Pop Brixton, but was much more colourful with murals painted on the walls and flowers EVERYWHERE. It was so lovely! We stopped to have another drink; one friend got a fruity cocktail (I can't remember the name I'm afraid!) whilst my other friend and I got Pimms - my first one of the year so far! :)

It was such a nice day, and I'd never really explored much of Brixton before, but I'll back!